The Negative Affects Of Colonization Of Africa

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The Negative Affects of Colonization of Africa

The article “The Supposed Benefits of Colonialism to Africa” denied all claims of Africa benefiting from colonization and strived to prove that colonists had a predominately negative affect on the continent. Europeans came to Africa to exploit the natives and use all of their rich natural resources to support capitalism. So, all of their decisions were made in the interest of the metropoles: medicine, transportation, and the banking system were no exception. Although, there was an extremely low doctor-to-patient ratio, Europeans provided hospitals to keep Africans healthy enough to perform their daily tasks. Africans traveled within or between colonies but there weren’t any intra- or inter-colonial roads or railways. Instead, all of the roads and railways traveled to the sea to facilitate international trade. The financial institutions refused to make loans to Africans so they could invest all their money in commerce and insurance companies only covered capitalist firms and European settlers.
The article also showed that colonists intentionally underdeveloped Africa even when development would have improved capitalist endeavors. Europeans had the technology to improve agricultural production but refused to modernize Africa. Instead of using tractors and fertilizers many Africans were forced to tend to the land with basic tools like hoes, shovels, etc. Technological advancements would have benefited capitalism by shortening work hours/ reduced workers, decreasing payment of labor (due to less work hours/ fewer workers), higher quality products, and an increased level of output.
The extremes of racism also impeded Africans’ ability to advance. Normally, capitalism encourages the emergence of a middle-class through knowledge of a special skill. ...

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