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The Negative And Positive Effects Of Video Games

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Negative and positive effects of video games
While I was thinking on what to write for this essay, my boyfriend walked into my room and asked if he could borrow to my laptop to play a game. It turned out that his laptop ran out of battery and he was in an important war with his teammates. I told him that I was doing my homework but he kept begging me to let him borrow it. He said he had spent three months to get to this level and it is really important to him. So I had to let him borrow my laptop even though I didn’t want to. After two hours, he gave me back my laptop and told me that he lost the game. He was so sad because of that, I wondered why games are so important to him. In the future, if I have children, do I really want my children obsessed with games like that? At that time, so many questions just popped up in my mind. Why do we like games? What is the effect of games on children? Is it all negative or is there any positive effect? How can we control it? So I decided that my topic will be: “Are video games good or bad for kid?” I hope after researching, I will find out the answers I want.
First of all, I think we should know what a video game is. Video game is an electronic game that runs on an electronic device such as laptop, computer or mobile devices. There are many types of video games based on the activities in the game, such as action, role-playing, simulation, strategy etc. Action game, this is the most popular type of video game in the past two years. Action video game requires players to use quick thinking to make any move, accuracy to increase the chance to win. Another popular type of game kids like is the role-playing games. In this type of game kids take on the roles of his or her characters that engage in adventures or in a fictional setting. Kids take responsibility for acting out these roles, their winning or losing depend on how many missions they did and how well they obeyed the rule of the game.
Second, why do kids love to play games? During my research on the Internet, I found some information from the article “ Why Wont My Child Stop Play Video Game?” on website. First, they will have their own power. Kids are always told to what to eat, where to go, what to do, when to sleep, even though who they can be friend. And before they want to do anything like hang out with their friend, buy a comic, watch TV, they have to ask for the permission from their parent. They feel that they do not have much power to control their life. However, in video game, they have their own control. They can do whatever they want and whenever they like. They do not have to ask for any permission because they control the game. In addition, video games can help them relax after school. In video games, there are no stressful, parents, homework, housework or anything bad to their life. They can be any heroes, supermen, models or even dangerous theft. There are no mean friends who always try to bully them, no parents...

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