The Negative Effect Of Economy On Teenagers

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Teenagers in the United States are negatively affected by the economy and the resulting actions that adults make. The current economy is troubling, which is making it difficult for most people to be able afford goods. It also causes some of the adults that will directly influence teenagers to make dire choices. The teenagers can either follow the lifestyles of these adults or they can try to take another path. However, it has become increasingly difficult to take the latter choice.
Adults make bad decisions because they are scared or do not know about the negative consequences that will result from their choices. Some adults also do not know any other way to react in a predicament. When adults that influence teenagers are either trying to escape their realities or projecting their insecurities on others rather than owning up to their responsibilities, the teenagers are the ones who are affected negatively. Some adults shirk from their responsibilities by engaging in high risk behavior by using substances, such as alcohol or drugs, or gambling. Some will go as far as to abandon their own children, while others will abuse their children, and have the children work in order to provide for themselves.
Children are susceptible to the ideas around them, and when they are only surrounded by negative activity, they usually accept that as the only way of life. Eventually, they become part of the negative activity, since it is the only life they know. This causes them to continue the cycle of abuse onto future generations because they were subjected to such abuse as children.
Some children who do not accept the negative atmosphere as the only way of life try to escape by running away. However, many of the problems that affect them do not go away, and quite often, the new conditions are worse than their original conditions. The teenagers who run away from home not only have to find a way in order to obtain enough of the bare necessities such as clothing and food, but they also have to find a way to survive on their own and find a place where they can live.
Some teenagers become involved in illegal activities in order to make some spending money. The main reasons many teenagers sell drugs or other illegal substances, such as alcohol or cigarettes, is that they want to have spending money, although it may not go directly towards surviving. The main reason that teenagers use these stimulants is the same reason adults use it: to temporarily escape reality.
Other teenagers have little choice in what they have to do in order to help make ends meet, whether they are living alone or with others. Some teenagers drop out of school and work full time because they need the money desperately. The teenagers who drop out of school are less likely to be able to have well paying jobs than those who obtain their high school diploma at least. The teenagers who dropped out of school are also less likely to go back to school to obtain a higher education or to take their...

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