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According to sports, golf become more popular in our society, many people are practice it and other play golf as a hobby. This research will be about golf and the negative affect that cause to society in past or even today. Golfing aims a lot of discrimination among women, it provided racism and the cost of this sport creates tension between social classes.

In past, golf provided racism and only white people could have access to it. The article, “Race Relations And The Sports Of Golf: The African American Legacy”, by Marvin P. Dawkins demonstrates that Americans exploited and exclude the African American slaves to participate in white-controlled sports. African American formed their own organization in sports like basketball or baseball. The desegregation of race relations in sports starts to increase after World War 2 (Dawkins 327). It was not the case of golf. Firstly, the author examines the development of black golf in America. Golf was the last major sport to remove the black participation at professional levels. The first black professional golfer was John Shippen. He competed in many USGA tournaments. Also, he professional golf association exclude blacks for becoming members in 1916 (Dawkins 328). This restriction was not removed until 1961. Moreover, many of black clubs was fighting against discrimination in golf. In 1950’s, middle-class blacks create the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The black elite led in developing their organization to promote golf among African American. “Little progress had been made in terms of significant increase in the number of African American playing on PGA tour since Sifford gained full PGA membership status in 1964” (Dawkins 329). However, racism against backs in golf would really changed in the 1990’S only after Tiger Woods entered in golf. According to Marvin P. Dawkins article, Tiger Woods changed the racism among black in golf. Tiger Woods became a professional golfer in 1996, all the attention focusing on his multi-ethnic identity. He wants to establish his link to the golf legacy of African American before the Master Golf Championship (Dawkins 329). In 1997, he wins the championship and he became the first African person to win this award. This event changed the way of black people is seeing in golf.

“Municipal Golf and Civil rights In the United State” by Kirsch, George B, support the argument that golf provides racism. This article explains that in the past black people do not have the right to playing golf in master championship. Firstly, the author explains the extent of the desegregation of municipal golf courses. The first generation of American golfers were of white Anglo-Saxon Portestant. “ The rise of public golf links in the early to mid-20th century was essential to the growing popularity of sport among lower and middle class African Americans who were excluded from white country clubs, and only a privileged few could afford to enrol in the all-black golf...

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