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The Negative Effects Of Brexit On The Uk And Eu American School Of Kuwait/Ap Language Research Paper

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Aadil 1
Aadil Saif
Ms. Thomas
Honors English 8
9th March, 2016
Child soldiers pose a threat to all of us. They now have to be dealt with by all of us. Child soldiers have joined by choice to fight along with insurgent groups. They have been taught to mercilessly kill; some have been cured, but most still pose a threat to society. I urge you to immediately prosecute these children before it is too late. I believe that child soldiers should be prosecuted and punished, if found guilty.
One of the reasons that child soldiers should be prosecuted is that a lot of them pose a threat to international security. Our sources say “‘You’re trained how to torture. You’re trained how to kill. It’s all you know,’ he says, ‘Fitting into community is a big challenge.’” (Woodward and Blue 1) There are many kids like him who only know how to kill and they pose a threat to society. Rehabilitation will not work with these kids, they can snap at any second and may harm someone. It is true that some kids like Ishmael Beah have been cured.(1) What this makes clear is that we should not just punish all but only the ones who are guilty and can’t fit back into society through giving them a fair trial.
Furthermore, we should also prosecute these child soldiers because many of them have joined by choice and are subjected to war crimes. “Many children volunteer to become soldiers in war out of patriotism or a desire to avenge the death of their loved ones. Being a soldier is also a way of earning money.” (Child Soldiers 1) This proves that a lot of children have voluntarily made the decision to become insurgents in the rebellion. A lot of them aren’t forcibly recruited and should be accountable for acts they choose to do then why shouldn’t child soldiers be held responsible. Some people argue that there are child soldiers in large numbers that are forced into...

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