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The Negative Effects Of Colonialism On The Colonized Country

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Colonialism, which was a major cause of the north-south gap that occurred in the period following the Second World War, is the takeover by a nation of foreign territories; making them part of it to aid its own economical, social and political structures. The mother countries succeed in doing that by using the colony’s natural resources, money savings, and their lands, which leads the colony to rely on the mother country and therefore, leaving the country underdeveloped. Hence, the world wide scramble for colonies, particularly in the late 19th – early 20th century, had a tremendous negative effect on the economic, social, and political structures of indigenous, non-industrialized peoples.

Mother countries tend to take their colony’s natural resourses, raw materials, and agricultural products, and then use them to manufacture their own products. This process causes the colony to depend on their mother country’s products rather than their own, which in turn leads to a tremendous deterioration of the colony’s local goods and products. For example. The Ecological and Political Impact of Colonialism).This quote shows how products of the mother country affect the production of goods in the colony negatively. Therefore, many of the farmers and gatherers, who were making a living by selling their local goods and products, would be separated from their families and taken to the mother country to farm and work on plantations and crops.

The mother country also had control over a colony’s infrastructure, making the colony more dependent on its mother country. All these factors led to a tremendous negative effect on the economic structure. Also, a crash in the mother country’s economy would severely shake the colony’s economy for the worse, causing the colony people to suffer even more and their quality of life to worsen.

The most significant negative effect on the social structure would be the treatment of the indigenous people. Most of them were treated inequitably. People were sold and bought like they were belongings, in other words, they were enslaved. People were often tortured, whipped, and harassed by their masters or even by other slaves that were given orders by their masters to do so. In addition, people of colonies were suffering from starvation and outbreaks of fatal diseases like malaria and yellow fever, which in turn had a decline...

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