The Negative Effects Of Facebook And Social Networking

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Nowadays, advanced technology has become more and more important in people’s life. It is so reliable that people become so dependent on. Internet, one of the latest technology advances, provide rich opportunities for making new friends, finding romance, and sharing interest with others, known as social networking sites. Those sites allow people to build or maintain relationships with others. Most of them also host blog and have social network functions that allowed people to view about others and contact friends. Facebook is the most common and well known social networking sites compared to others such as Twitter, Myspace, Tagged, LinkedIn, and so on. Although Facebook and other social networking may have originally been intended to enrich people’s networking, people should consider the flipped coin of these sites that have effects on users. They compromise one’s privacy, reduce the quality of one’s education, and negatively affect one’s health.
The first major and well known effect of Facebook and Social Networking is compromising one’s privacy. They expose users to government and intrusive corporation. Whenever users are on Facebook or other online socialization sites, advertisements always pop up on the side of the screen. These advertisements try to invade users’ privacy and get their personal information by making the users click on them. Some corporations also use online games and application that link to Facebook to get the information by asking users’ permission to use their basic information and friend list. Moreover, the government uses these sites to track and keep people in check. It is easier for the government to get information from these sites because most people are not aware of their privacy and do not prevent their information by letting everybody to access their profiles without their acknowledgements. In addition, some people use social networking sites to commit crimes such as hacking, identity theft, and virus invading because these sites are vulnerable to security attacks, and they can be anonymous. It is also very difficult to search for the criminals online unless it is done by technological experts. When the criminals hack one’s account, they can access it like the user. Moreover, everyone can be a hacker because there are some websites that people can pay and hack others’ profiles. Therefore, some people take that advantage and get revenge on the people that they dislike by hacking their profiles and posting their personal pictures that can be an offend or an insult to the victims’ pride. They can also hack the users’ personal computer for password or credit card number that is stored in there and confiscate their money. Plus, the social networking sites facilitate cyber stalking. Cyber stalking is simply an extension of physical form of stalking, which uses internet as a medium to pursue, harass or contact another in an unsolicited way. Even this behavior doesn’t involve physical sense; it does not mean the pursuit...

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