The Negative Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Dear Senator Stabenow,
As Chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, I feel you are most authorized to govern my grievance. America has become the land of the free and the sick. Americans have a higher disease and death rate than all European and industrialized countries. Since the creation of genetically engineered organisms in the 90’s, the number of American’s with a chronic illness has doubled and our infant death rate has surpassed all other industrialized countries. While there are a few reasons that we could consider for this, the link between illness and genetically modified organisms cannot be ignored. The world has advance for the better and the worse, but one thing seems clear, if American's want to survive and thrive, the use of genetically modified food needs to stop and the organic ways of life need to continue.
The diseases, allergies, and mutations we're seeing today in the world were not happening 20-30 years ago. Some of these are growing into a monumental epidemic. What has changed in our world so drastically to cause this is our food. Not just the daily fast food Americans have learned to desire and other unhealthy things we're putting in our bodies, but the way our food is now being grown. We have gone from naturally evolved foods, to food that is being created in laboratories. There are hundreds of millions of planted crops in the U.S. that are genetically modified and the normal consumer has no idea. To give you an idea, USDA reported that genetically modified crops make up 93 percent of all soy, 86 percent of all corn and 93 percent of all canola seeds planted in the U.S. (USDA)
Genetically modified means, someone takes genes from one species, plant or animal, then forces those genes into the DNA of another species, which would never have mated naturally. You then can select the best genes that are wanted. This very process of genetic engineering creates unpredicted results. With insertion of foreign genes into DNA comes hundreds to thousands of mutations of the plant. This can create unpredicted side effects of anyone who consumes it. The immune system is highly complicated and when a foreign food is present, such as a genetically modified food, it attacks the food and an inflammatory reaction can happen. In 1996, genetically modified corn and soybeans were introduced to the American diet, since then tons of digestion disorders have been on the rise. Leaky gut syndrome, chronic inflammation, and general malaise have all been linked to to the consumption of this food. (Burns, R)
One may ask how then did genetically modified organism's become so popular? The modified crops were advertised to yield more and grow easier. Along with the worldwide problem of world hunger, even though there is almost three time the amount of food for the population of the world, farmers were ultimately convinced. The regulation of all food in America is the Food and Drug Administration.(FDA) Because most foods...

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