The Negative Effects Of Gluten And Grain Based Diets

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Every day, more and more groceries and health food stores stock gluten-free products. That’s good news. New research proves that gluten can cause inflammation in any organ and any cell of your body (Pillow). Inflammation is the body’s biological response to injury; it is a defensive immune response that causes increased blood flow to an area. This inflammation may trigger swelling, pain, and loss of movement in joints. Under normal conditions, inflammation is a healthy response, the body is guarding itself from additional injury, restoring existing injuries, and maintaining healthy tissue. In contrast, inflammation can be dangerous if it never stops, if it acts against your own body and targets healthy tissue or if it is too extreme (Bronski 40). Organ and cell damage is a very serious problem and should be addressed immediately. When someone is allergic to peanuts, they completely avoid all relevant foods. Gluten is no different. It is important to be aware of the nonvisible signs of a gluten allergy so people can address them just as they would any other allergy.
Inflammation of the heart can cause shortness of breath or fluid retention, and it is now recognized that inflammation is an important contributor to heart disease. Inflammation of the kidneys may cause kidney failure or high blood pressure. Inflammation of the large intestine may cause cramps and diarrhea. The term arthritis literally means inflammation (itis) of the joint (arthr). Cerebral inflammation is often the cause of unexplained headaches and ataxia. Inflammation of the nervous system contributes to such conditions as neuropathy, epilepsy, and dementia. All of these medical conditions (and others) can be directly related to ingesting gluten. (Pillow)
These symptoms are not only painful, but also deadly. If gluten is not explored as a possibility for these health issues, then people will continue eating the food that is making them sick. Not only does gluten intolerance affect the body’s organs and cells, but as Doctor Chris Kresser explains, it can also affect almost every tissue. Gluten can harm the brain, skin, endocrine system, stomach, liver, blood vessels, smooth muscles, and the nucleus of cells (Kresser). Celiac disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity are associated with an astounding variety of illnesses, such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, type-one diabetes, osteoporosis, dermatitis, and psoriasis (Kresser). Gluten intolerance is a serious medical problem and should be identified as one. More people should be tested and treated for this illness. Too often, the possibility of a gluten allergy is overlooked because of the varied symptoms but the illness is real and easily treated.
The harmful effects of gluten can be easily avoided by simply staying away from food containing gluten. Scientists are finding more and more destructive health issues caused by gluten, but the problem is that the symptoms are varied and are often misdiagnosed (Stellpflug)....

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