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The Negative Effects Of Illegal Immigration

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The Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration

“An immigrant is a person who legally comes to a country to take up permanent residence. An “illegal” immigrant is a person who does so without following the established legal procedures of the destination country and who resides in that country without proper visas or other documents.” (source 1)Illegal immigration is changing the lives of many Americans today, and although all illegal immigrants are not bad and are not here by choice, or to hurt anyone, it still affects us each and every day. Illegal immigration has been a problem for many years, and it seems as if it is impossible to control, but according to former mayor Rudy Giuliani of ...view middle of the document...

Many immigrants come here and participate in drug activity, human trafficking, prostitution, car theft, aggravated assault, the list could go on.( source 3) This is outrageous. With the illegal immigrants being part of drug cartels and smuggling drugs, it makes drugs available almost anywhere at any time. While it is not the immigrant’s fault that Americans buy the drugs it still would be less available if they weren’t smuggling the drugs into this country.
Illegal immigration also messes up the monetary policy in the US. Our money use to be backed by gold and now that our money is being sent to a number of different countries, we have no way to keep the circular flow of the money in the US. It is recognized that not all of that is due to drugs and crime of illegal immigrants, but when there are millions of dollars getting sent out of the country on a regular basis it creates a huge problem.
Gangs are also becoming a bigger problem now with illegal immigrants. Nationally, Hispanics are thought to compromise over half of the total gang membership. The problems with gangs are usually integrated with bigger cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Washington and California. In each of these states the alien prisoner population represented more than five percent of the total prisoner population. (source 3) Even though the crime rate seems the highest in only five states, naturally gangs begin to spread their territories and begin carrying on their activities in smaller cities as well which put even more people in danger. Many children from all over the world that join gangs, join to feel accepted; like they are part of a family and when their families are in other countries they probably feel as if this is the only way to feel loved and accepted so they join. The majority of gang members are illegal and when they commit the crime, they don’t always have to do the time. They are called illegal aliens because the US has no way of tracking them or their existence, so they can basically do whatever they want and flee the country and never get caught; this is not right at all.
Another growing problem is human trafficking. Typically when we think of human trafficking we think of foreign girls, but this is becoming a real problem here in America. These kinds of problems don’t just happen in big cities; small rural areas are being affected also. Mexican cartels are becoming more involved in human trafficking and as many illegal immigrants are coming across the border, they are kidnapping children and selling them here in the US. Human trafficking has higher rates in Arizona, thus Arizona has tried to crack down on illegal immigrants. Arizona is one of the top places for smuggling and trafficking of all types because of its proximity to the border with Mexico. (source 3) Illegal immigrants do not have a particular type of person they try to traffic they get whatever they can put their hands on. Having a person taken from a family is...

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