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The Negative Effects Of Internet Addiction

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Nowadays, by using computers, students can release pressure from heavy studying and complicated social relationships because we live in the digital age. However, if students lose control of the time that they spend on computers, the advantage of the Internet may change into the disadvantage. In the article “Surfing’s up and Grades Are Down,” Rene Sanchez states that those students who are internet addicts will probably get low grades or even drop out of school. Letting computers occupy students’ lives, having difficulty establishing social relationships, and even being dropped out of school are the three most prominent effects which result from Internet addiction.
One of the most obvious effects of being addicted to the Internet is that students let computers occupy their lives. Because there are all kinds of interesting games for students to play on-line, they can sit in front of a computer screen all day without having some ...view middle of the document...

Obviously, having trouble building social relationship is another effect of be addicted to the Internet. When students play video games or chat with friends on computers, they may tend to create virtual relationships on the Internet. They can be a king to rule a kingdom, a hero to fight for honor, or a criminal to destroy a city. In Sanchez’s article, she announces, “Campus officials say that communicating on the Internet or roaming the huge universe of information on the World Wide Web holds an especially powerful lure for many college students because it takes them into a cast new realm of learning and research.” It is so attractive for students to live in a virtual world that they gradually lose the ability to communicate with others without a computer. The other roommate of me, Ming, did have trouble talking to other people when he became an Internet addict. He talked a little with his friends when they met on campus; moreover, we hardly saw him call his family in school.
The most prominent effect of being addicted to the Internet is that students may quit school. Either playing computer video games or chatting with friends on-line can cause students to spend most of time on the Internet. In Rene’s article, she writes, “Beckman says, ‘They’re doing this all night instead of doing their homework, or eating, or sleeping. When they’re up until five A.M. playing around on the Web, they’re not going to make their eight A.M. classes.’” The more classes students skip, the more knowledge they miss. Consequently, they have terrible scores on their homework and do badly on their exams. When their GPAs are lower than 2.0, school officials will suggest that they drop out of school, or they will probably quit school by themselves because they put their whole lives into the Internet.
Internet addiction causes students to spend most of time on computer, isolate themselves from social connections, and even quit from school. Fortunately, there are still plenty of students who can put computers into good use. Consequently, those students will get benefits from the Internet, such as searching valuable materials for their projects, getting rid of academic stress.

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