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The Negative Effects Of Mass Media And Exposure To America’s Youth

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Media provides advertisements that are viewed throughout the world on television programs. Commercials, magazine, and internet. Media provides certain advantages to the company’s, in significantly increasing their financially gains of business through the ability and power in persuading consumers to purchase their products. Unfortunately, advertisings has several disadvantges that’s out wheigh any advantage by impacting the health, behavior, and attitudes of our children and adolescence. Companies spend billions of dollars per year alone marketing substance abuse, sex, and violence thT is captruing the attention of Americas young.
Our world is surrounded with unlimited advertisements through mass media aimed at America’s youth with documented proof pertaining to the noticeable impact of advertisements and the effects on the health, behavior and attitudes targeted at children and adolescent. Media continues to play an extensive role from the time we open our eyes until we go to bed, and succeeds in creating a huge impact on today’s society. Impacts that result in changes in their sexual attitude, suffer from body issues, and children exposed to violence, because of Medias over-powering influence that it holds. Research has proven the negative effects that exist as advertising targets the attention of adolescents and the negative effects it brings.
We live in a society where television programs that once promoted our youth with good values and morals have disappeared, and have been replaced with TV shows full of explicated materials. Television programs now expose our youth to uncensored material full of sex, drugs, and one night stands that destroys our children’s youth. “Teen pregnancy is already enough of an issue that it does not to be broadcast as some type of superstar lifestyle, full of magazines covers, publicity, and TV shows” (Anderson) Reality shows now glamorize teen pregnancy by turning them into reality celebrities, appearing on the cover on Magazines, and even being offered spin-off shows(Zakkiyya Anderson). As a result, the exposure of mass media has influenced children through the use of music, TV, film, internet, and engages youth in sexually activity according to researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston. The study track children ages 6-18 and linked children who viewed adult content, resulted in early sexually activity during their adolescent. “It’s a proven fact that the unchecked, prurient on television and movie theaters is a primary factor in the coarsening of culture.”(Evans)
Television produces certain stereotypes pitched by the mass media and becomes another factor in seriously affecting girl’s health, and causing body imaging issues. Every girl goes through a period in her adolescent years where she has to deal with the changes within her body, followed with powerful emotions. This stage of a girl’s life may result in the need to focus on her appearance and may cause a heightened attention towards mainstream...

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