The Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones

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The Negative Effects of Mobile Phones

Voice mobile telephony has become widespread since the 1990s. The
compass of the modern people is the mobile phone. It is used for
expressing movement and its direction. For a mobile phone user, moving
around in the city becomes a series of spaces used for keeping
contacts and taking care of things ongoing. People call from certain
places to certain other people without the fixed line. This unique
technology gives people the chance of sharing information from
anywhere. It also means living in real time in the same rhythm with
someone. Mobile phone is changing every aspect of our lives. However
there is growing concern of using mobile phone. It is my belief that
using mobile phones may affect the health of people who use them,
disturb the peace in public, and invade people's private lives.

First of all, using mobile phone has the negative effect of affecting
the health. The scientific data are exploring the relationship between
radiation from mobile phones and brain disease. "Research carried out
by scientists in Finland suggests radiation from mobile phones causes
changes in the brain. It is the first time that scientists have looked
at the effects of mobile phone radiation on human cells rather than
those of rats"(BBC NEWS, 19 Jun 02 | Health, "Fresh fears over mobile
phones"). From above we must understand that research did find a
higher incidence of brain tumors on the same side as phone usage.
"Further scientific studies have revealed that mobile phones may
compromise memory and slow reaction time thought to result in the
staggeringly high percentage of accidents that are caused by driver
distractions"(Michael Elstei, "Are mobile phone dangerous?", Eternal
Health,167) Fortunately the evidences also indicate that people who
use cellular phones for as little as once a day had decreased levels
of brain disease. Avoid using mobile phone when driving is another

Secondly, using mobile phone can disturb the peace in public. Public
use of the mobile phone has been the subject matter of debates on TV
chat shows. The debates concern especially social calling, and
different perceptions of what counts as unnecessary calls. It is very
impolite to answer mobile calls in public place like classroom, some
restaurants, or theatres. There have been both formal attempts to

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