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The Negative Emotional And Behavioural Effects Of Interparental Conflict On Children And Youth

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There are many negative short and long-term emotional and behavioural effects of witnessing parental conflict on children and youth.

Definition of Terms

Angry/ambivalent pattern (noun): One of the three basic ways to cope with background anger.
Background anger (noun): A term in this context used to describe anger between adults.
Concerned pattern (noun): One of the three basic ways to cope with background anger. In this pattern is where children show signs of mild distress during exposure to anger between adult strangers.
Distress (noun): Extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain.
Mediate (verb): To indirectly relate to.
Self-reporting (verb): A child themselves explains how they felt during a certain situation or event.
Unresponsive pattern (noun): One of the three basic ways to cope with background anger.


To find credible information on the negative emotional and behavioural effects of exposure to constant parental conflict on children and youth, I used many methods. My first resource was the Internet. Here I first looked into the reliable databases recommended by my school. I then went to the Toronto Public Library Website. Here I found websites recommended at school along with a few others. Some of them provided me better access to the websites already provided by the school. Others provided access into otherwise restricted websites or pieces of information. Otherwise helping me by providing me with websites that I then used to get into the restricted websites or obtain restriction information. I also searched websites I was familiar with that I knew were credible. I used Google to filter my search results so that only specific websites and pages would come up with my information. I also used search engines that provided reliable sources and information. I double checked to make sure that this was reliable information by checking for all the necessary bibliographical information. After having looked at some electronic sources I decided to move on to some print sources. I used the internet to find print books. This was accomplished by Googling books with the search terms “Parental Conflict, Marital Conflict, and Children.” After finding books with those titles I tried searching within the books using Google Books, for words such as “children, negative, impact, conflict, parental conflict, marital conflict etc.” I then searched the public library website for these books. I decided on the three emotional and three behavioural effects that my report focuses on by looking for effects that were mentioned most often. The types of sources used to find information for this report include reputable books, research-based periodicals and website articles and professional family/sociological journals. Overall, although the process very time consuming and at times frustrating it also felt great! What made it great was when you knew you had found the information needed when it would be...

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