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The Negative Aspects Of The Media

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The Media and health issues go hand in hand with one another. “The world depicted in commercials is one of people striving to be thinner, better looking, and richer. Honesty doesn’t pay, conformity rules, and thinking of others is for wimps” (Day 84-85). Young men and women rely heavily one the media for advice on relationships, the latest trends, and even what to eat and what not to eat. The media tries its best to provide the most accurate and trustworthy information to these young men and women, but there was and will always be that one commercial or advertisement that would’ve been better off not being seen or heard. Furthermore, the media promotes unwanted behavior under teenagers. “Advertising teaches a superficial, live-for-the-moment philosophy that can influence already rebellious teenagers” (Day 85). This leads to teenagers running away from home, getting married in Vegas, or even becoming hippies who live in a van. The media is a part of the everyday life of a teenager. For example, teenagers are on their phones constantly, checking their Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and MySpace for any gossip that might fulfill their needs. Teenagers tend to prey on the troubles of others and rely on the media to exploit these troubles and gain ultimate satisfaction. These burning desires impact their mental and physical well being, for both the teenager who is doing the dirty work and the teenager who is being targeted. Furthermore, teenagers tend to be very insecure about their own bodies and the media enjoys flashing a desirable body in their faces with the use of magazines and websites. Likewise, this leads to an ashamed view of ones own body and overall personality. Therefore, the media has a direct impact on both the physical and mental health of young men and women.
In the article “Body Image and the Media: An Overview”, Beverly Ballaro and Geraldine Wagner argue that “American media has played an increasingly powerful role since the mid-twentieth century in creating idealized images of beauty” (Ballaro and Wagner 1). Ballaro and Wagner support their claim by providing facts, such as the amount of people suffering from anorexia and referring to historical figures, such as Twiggy. Their purpose is to open people’s eyes to how badly the media has distorted the view of how a person is supposed to look. Ballaro and Wagner use a formal, yet simple tone to appeal to the emotions of their audience and to solidify their major claim. Body image is defined as “the mental image an individual holds of his or her own physical appearance, which he or she believes also represents the way others perceive him or her” (2). By being provided with a very basic definition of body image, the readers gain a basic understanding of the major claim. Therefore, the reader will be able to comprehend more as the authors elaborate. Furthermore, the readers learn that body image is something that differs from person to person. As Ballaro and Wagner clearly...

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