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The Negative Impact Of Media Censorship

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Every human possesses some guaranteed basic freedoms and rights, whether it is the freedom of speech, or the freedom to express themselves. However, the government seems to be increasingly determined to limit these freedoms using censorship to confine these rights that we usually take for granted. The most important facet of media in general is that it allows people to express themselves freely. In fact, this freedom of expression that music allows us is one of the primary reasons why it exists. Sadly, many of the current artists have forgotten that, but nonetheless, censorship seems to always be there to limit the expression of those who choose to place deeper messages in their songs. Tackling censorship is much more important than it appears to be at the surface; to take down censorship would help preserve the expression of thought. It would help preserve the right to listen to the unaltered forms of everything. Most importantly, it would help preserve the rapidly weakening basic right of speech.

Censorship has always altered the lives of many people, whether they know it or not. People are constantly exposed to the censored version of entertainment. The movies they watch, the music they listen to, and the games they play have all first been screened through different rating systems to find anything in them that can be interpreted as “obscene”. Once someone finds something, the creator of the work has no choice but to delete, edit, and basically censor the offending portion, otherwise it never gets to see the light of public consumption. Censorship has been used for all different kinds of works, for all different kinds of reasons. The many examples of album covers provided at TabooTunes show different types of covers deemed “inappropriate”, and how drastically the artists had to alter the image in order to make it “friendlier” and “more appropriate” (“Taboo Tunes Gallery - Music Censorship"). These alterations ranged from a simple black box obscuring the offensive part to just changing the image to a different one entirely. The historical uses of censorship are less clear-cut. While governments have very obvious and reasonable uses for censorship, such as censoring war plans and other secrets, some have twisted censorship into another form of the dictatorial control they have. A prime example would be Stalin’s censoring of photos to “erase” people or to show him in a better light ("The Commissar Vanishes."). Based on the cold and secretive history of censorship of media in general, it should be clear that the government should not have the ability to determine what the public should be allowed to hear.

The nature of censorship makes it a very flawed system. As Danny Yee thoughtfully writes, “Those pushing music censorship are a small minority driven by personal distaste. Consider that they only ever rant against popular music forms, not elite ones - no one ever suggests banning Shostakovich's 14th Symphony because it...

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