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The Negative Impact Of Radiation Essay

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Has it ever been noticed that always on the sunniest days of the year that a health expert would warn against radiation exposure? Or has it ever been noticed that during a long haul flight the in air magazines are clouded with information on radiation energy in the atmosphere? It is quite common to find that people tend to associate radiation to persons who work in a nuclear facilities or astronauts. However the realisation of the fact is that each and every single human being on the planet is affected by radiation and should be aware of their exposure levels because effectively, they could be saving their own lives.
Radiation in simple terms is a way in which energy moves from one place to ...view middle of the document...

(Little, 2004) On a much lower scale, doses of radiation can cause decreased organ function, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting. (Miksanek, 2013) Although all of the above aren’t classified as being major effects, they are still significant and are associated to the radiation therefore must not and will not be ruled out.
Since radiation is energy that moves from one place to another with approximately one - half of a person’s radiation occurring naturally, solar energy is the primary cause of this. Light and heat radiate from the sun to the earth, particularly on extremely hot days and when the Earth is tilted parallel to the sun i.e. the first day of spring. Persons who engage in continuous sun exposure will increase the radiation levels in their body. The remainder of the radiation causes are man-made, and 80 percent of it comes from medical testing and procedures. Most times people consent to take part in these medical practices that uses high radiation devices that would either cure an illness or advise on a sickness in order for a cure to be provided.
One of the effects that we take for granted in the medical field is the use of the Computer Tomography (CT) scanner (X-ray body scanner). Many people do not realise that by taking a CT scan of the head, hurls roughly about the same amount of radiation as if a person was standing just four miles from the atomic blast in Hiroshima Japan. (Miksanek, 2013) Another medical field related that causes an increased amount of radiation exposure is Radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is a crucial method of treating solid tumours however it has also been the main cause of the DNA damage in humans. (Cmielová, 2011) Although the medical industry is infamous for exposing patients to high frequency of radiation, it is not the only industry that is to be held accountable.
The Nuclear industry is another active user of radiation and can release nuclear bombs or leaks from nuclear power plants. Though this isn’t common, it has...

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