The Negative Impact Of Sexual Content In The Media

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Since birth human behaviour is influenced by what the individual sees and there surroundings, this influence is greatest at a young age and fades as the individual grows in age, but never completely goes away. In today’s society where sex is something that is openly broadcasted in order to promote everything from products to television shows, sex is something that the youth of today are exposed to from an early age. But what effects can this exposure at such a vulnerable stage in life cause? Early exposure to sexual content can increase the likeliness of youth participating in sexual activity by the large amount that they are exposed too, the glorification of sex, the lack of regulation of sexual content in the media by the government, and the twisted message about unprotected sex and the meaning of love.
For centuries the media has had a great deal of influence on people how they behave and view there world. From fashion trends to physical ideal the media has influenced what people believe is the ideal way to look, act and speak. In the 21st century where sex has become the most effective way to get ratings for television shows or sell your product to the masses, the amount of sexual content the appears on television increases day by day. To the point where youth are exposed to large amounts every day.
With the rate of teenage pregnancy and increasing numbers of youth engaging in sexual activity as early as the age of 12 years of age, it is undeniable that youth today are being influenced by the large quantities of sex they are exposed to in the media. Research shows that if a child watches more then an hour of television a day there is a sexual scene in the content every 10 minutes. (Landau E, 2008, November 03) This is a large amount of sexual content and with many teens watching two to three hours a day do to new youth targeting shows having hour long episodes; teens are exposed to countless amounts of sexual scenes. At the non-profit organization known as RAND Corporation researchers performed three surveys on about 2,000 teens between the ages of 12 to 17 from 2001 to 2004. The results were published in the November edition of the journal Paediatrics, in the publication they focused on 700 participants nationwide who had engaged in sexual intercourse by the third survey. (Landau E, 2008, November 03) The researchers determined that even with the other related factors such as demographics and risk-taking behaviours put into play the connection between television sexual content and teen pregnancy still remained. (Landau E, 2008, November 03) In another survey published in Paediatrics more than 1,000 public middle school students in North Carolina were surveyed at the ages of 12-14 years old and were surveyed again two years later at the ages of 14-16 years old. They measured the students exposure to sexual content in television, movies, music and magazines and were divided into five equal-sized groups ranging from the lowest exposure to...

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