The Negative Impact Of Social Networking Sites In Business

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In recent years, the Internet and especially the social networking sites have enabled a communication revolution: the ability to send and receive timely information everywhere has changed the way we live. As an online social networking site (SNS), it collects personal information and stored in the users’ profiles, and it is extremely popular because it allows people to connect with users with similar interests, build and maintain relationships with friends, and feel more connected with their neighbors or campus. On the contrary, it is obvious that although social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, rank high in people’s daily life, they also give rise to the unexpected disturbing matters in business.
Facebook Features
Facebook, a popular social networking site founded in 2004 by a Harvard sophomore, has already had more than 800 million active users by July 2011. (Giles, 2011) Like other sites, users must register with e-mail address before using the site. And once a user has logged in, he/she can join a school network, search for friends and view other users’ profile as long as the privacy feature is turned off. Within the account, users can post status, share videos and photos, publish notes, list interests and personal details. Facebook also has the optional privacy features which restrict others access to only partial of their profiles. (Cain, 2007)
Facebook and Development Issues
An apparent problem with irrational using online SNS is how they ruin your opportunities. Even though we always heard about how Facebook and other SNS help people getting jobs and know about companies before the interviews. But there are some possibilities that those websites can ruin your future career development. And it has been reported that students have been suspended or expelled from their universities for threats, (Gianio, 2007) and for racial remarks posted on Facebook (Thacker 2007). Others have been discovered for alcohol or drug violations through Facebook postings. (Bugeja, 2006) Therefore, ill-advised postings on Facebook have become a significant aspect which directors would consider before offering opportunities. And according to Read, (2007) one student was refused an education degree and the teaching certificate because of her MySpace photograph, which was regarded “unprofessional.” Another point in case is a video that shown to us in the Business 10 class about how Facebook can ruin your interview. (Wiseguypictures, 2010) In this video, the interviewer searched Google and Facebook about the men’s background, unlike other appliers who delete or hind the informal pictures, the interviewer is astonished to see the men’s profile picture which is him naked with a women, and his album full of photographs about drinking, drug-taking and sex. Any enterprises would always expect their incoming employees set up their privacy option and hide their personal information instead of sharing with everyone. Moreover, no matter what kind...

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