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The Negative Impact Of Text Messaging On Literacy

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Text messaging is damaging our literacy and communication skills as a society. Calling someone on the phone or writing them a letter is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. There is a new language that is being learned and not taught across the globe. It is the language of Textese, and it has quickly consumed the lives of millions across the world. There will always be the protector of language arts. These are the shrinking number of people everyone knows, that will continue to handwrite letters and sign them with proper English and etiquette. It may be as simple as picking up the phone and calling a friend or relative. It may be even simpler than that, in that people put forth an effort to talk to the person sitting next to or across from you and engage them in a conversation. Texting and textisms have become so common and widespread that using proper English, correct spelling, and full sentences is also becoming a thing of the past. People that constantly use text and instant messaging may have difficulty with literacy and expressing themselves in writing form. The research shows that text messaging has deteriorated how we communicate and express ourselves because textisms have become an easier and quicker form of communication that has affected literacy in children and adults.
Mobile phones have become a way of life for many people and it may not be the best thing for their literacy, spelling, and communication skills. Mobile phones are the sole means for communication for many people, including young adolescents. In some cases they have completely replaced the thought of having a landline phone at home or in the office. A 2008 study by The Mobile Life Report found that 94% of young people in the United Kingdom owned a mobile phone. That number was slightly less here in the United States at 80%. Research has shown that continued text messaging with use of textisms have softened the ability to correctly read, write, and spell. Text messaging has become a form of shortened versions of communication with friends. Many young people prefer sending a text instead of actually dialing a number and calling someone. It could just be the laziness of today’s society and the fact it is too much of a burden to pick up the phone and physically go through the motions of talking with someone for a few minutes to an hour. Instead people have shortened their conversations with textese and relearn a language foreign to many, but rapidly becoming the norm of communications across children and young adults. In fact, 52% of United Kingdom children, and 32% of United States children who use mobile phones prefer texting over actual calling and talking. Preferred texting over talking has cut down on the human interaction part of communication. People need human interaction on a day to day basis. Fifty percent of the young mobile phone users send a minimum of 6 texts per day (Wood, Meachem, Bowyer, Jackson, Tarczynski-Bowles & Plester,...

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