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The Negative Impact Of Internet And Television On Our Youth

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The Negative Impact of Internet and Television on our Youth

Meet Jane Doe. Jane is sixteen years old and is "down" with all of the most popular trends. In the morning, Jane washes her hair with Fructise Fortifying shampoo and conditioner. Under her massage therapy showerhead, she rinses away the sweet smell of plumeria from her Bath and Body Works body wash. She hops out of the shower and straps on her cream Victoria Secrets bra and matching panties. As she slides on her dark brown Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, she sways to "Hey Ya" by Outkast blaring out of her Sony 5 disc CD player. She runs to her PC, starts the Internet and quickly finishes her weekend homework from her online literature class. She hears the ring of her Nokia cell phone and quickly answers it. Her friends ask her to come and hang with them. She immediately answers yes and rushes through the door to her new Mercedes Benz to meet them.

Jane watches T.V., surfs the Internet, and uses the telephone to find all of the best tidbits to become a cool, fashionable young women. Her so-called perfect world revolves around these communication tools. Little does Jane know that all of these tools may cause her character harm in the future.

One rainy day, Jane was sitting on her couch surfing through the channels on her T.V. Naturally, there was nothing to watch, so she quickly flipped through the channels until something caught her eye. A man's face covered the middle of the screen. This face was drenched in water and had two small cuts purposely placed to the right of his right eye. His lips slowly cracked a deceitful smirk. Intense, deranged hatred seemed to have swallowed his deep green eyes that sat under a continuous downcast brow, which made him seem almost humorous. Behind the horrendous face, rain pounded to the ground under a dark, cloudy night. Suddenly the scene changed to a two-storied house. The mysterious man slowly trudged over to the house. A ghostly wind swept back sheer curtains covering a sliding glass door to a bedroom of the two-storied house. A second breeze blew the curtain to reveal the mysterious man standing inside head turned down and arms out to his sides. A young woman is sleeping in the same room. The man quietly strides to edge of the bed keeping the same pose. The young women started to stir. Without moving the man puts his hand in to the pocket of his long brown coat and skillfully slides out a large knife. Turning on to her back, the young woman yawns, stretches and slowly opens her eyes. A deafening scream protrudes from her mouth as she spots her unwelcome visitor. The scene suddenly moves to the floor of the bedroom. Horrendous screams, loud crashes and slices of the knife could be heard.

Jane quickly turned the channel; her face filled with utter horror. She slowly turned her head from left to right scanning her living room. A bolt of lightning flashes outside of the window. Wide-eyed, Jane bolts to the corner of her living room....

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