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The Negative Impacts Cell Phones Have On Humans Socially

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We currently exist in a world that is constantly being modernized through the power of technology. As products of our environment, we need to be able to adapt to our society. For instance, take cell phones. Originally, it was a device created to assist us in communication, but now it has gotten to the point of being so much more. Humans nowadays show an extreme dependence on their cellular devices, and it has hindered us socially. Evidence includes weakened grammar and writing skills, face to face conversation, and an over dependency on our phones. While it is not obvious that these palm sized pieces of technology are harming us, it is obvious in how crucial they are in our daily lives. “In ...view middle of the document...

As discussed in the last paragraph, the amount of time that we are spending on our phones is ridiculous. It has come back to haunt us by in return weakening our grammar and writing skills. “The use of texting and Facebook and Twitter and other sites as a form of communication is eroding people’s ability to write sentences that communicate real meaning and inhibit the art of dialogue,” (Jerpi) Sure, it is convenient to have the ability to share one’s opinion to the world and view other’s thoughts in just 120 characters or less, but when you’re writing an essay that has to be at least 1100 words or more, then effectively sharing through writing becomes a problem. “Those who spell in this manner may struggle at school when they are asked to write an essay with proper spelling and grammar, as they have already developed poor writing habits.” (McCoy) Common acronyms such as “LOL, TTYL, or OMG” are being overused. Also, the importance of having autocorrect or spellcheck by our phones for us is increasing more and more. On a recently taken survey, the majority of teens say that the way that they communicate over the phone is the same as the way that they would write on serious essays and letters. Overtime, communication through cell phones will weaken our writing abilities quite substantially.
Not only that, but it is no lie that cell phones weaken our communication skills as well. 67% of teenagers would rather text each other than even talk (Arthur). Why? Based on a recent survey, majority of teens say that it is easier to talk to other people over the phone rather than in person. Young people could virtually say anything through texts and don’t have to commit to engaging into the effects through a vocal conversation (Marquez) In time, we lose crucial skills that are needed in adulthood. Important communication tools like body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, and proper communication etiquette are all things that are lost when using technology to communicate. (Fischer) Cell phones can even damage our social relationships with each other. “they often divert our attention from our current environment” (Lin) , and so even when there are people sitting right in front of each other, cell phones make face-to-face communication harder because it is such a distraction.
Of course, one can argue that cell phones have actually helped our social lives and that we are connected to each other now more than ever. “76% of people believe that mobile technology is helpful” (Statistic Brain) “The ability to communicate is priceless and a cell phone increases that ability, but at the same time decreases it.”(Optimism) However, do the negatives outweigh the positives in our social lives? “Cell phones have also created less unity with families and the people around them. While waiting for food at a restaurant, a person will be looking at their work e-mails, and in turn make the other person feel less important.” (Optimism) Digitizing our social lives...

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