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The Negative Sides Of Ziplining Essay

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This year a young man wanted to go ziplining attached to his ponytail; half way across the river his hair caught. He was in distress of spectators while everyone watching horrified. Ziplining has been growing in popularity for over fifty years. Although ziplining can be dangerous and accidents do happen, ziplining companies work very hard to provide a safe and fun experience.
When we consider all the different fun activities that there are to do in the world, you think about the crazy, wild, outrageous things like jumping out of a plane, or hanging from a wire going as fast as 40 mph, enjoying the beautiful view that’s what zip lining is for, all though zip lining is not all about the beautiful view or having an adventure, it has a true meaning behind it, and although it sounds fun, terrible things can happen.
Zip lining, “A transportation system or piece of recreation equipment consisting of a cable stretched between points of different elevations, a pulley, and a harness or bar for attaching a rider, who moves by gravity.” (“The Free Dictionary”)
Zip lining has a huge history; it’s been around for more than fifty years. Most historians believe ziplining was first done in the Himalayan region of modern day India, while others believe that several ancient cultures in South America were the first to zipline. A man H.G Wells first wrote a book about ziplining, which was once called “incline strong”, zipline included using a cable as of transporting people and ‘good’ from one area to another, reducing the unnecessary time and risks related by travelling on foot. Ziplining was used travel across rough terrain, and to access remote villages, rainforests, and difficult area’s to access. Ziplining wasn’t all about the enjoyment, it was mainly used for the people so that they could easily pass through landscape; receive the possessions that they needed for shelter, food, medicine, and more. Large logs that were cut up and used to build homes and also heavy loads of coal, used for a number of different purposes were also being transported through ziplining. People believe that this limited form of transportation could still serve a great and meaningful purpose in today's society.
The History of ziplining is a Source of Fun, knowing that zip lines started as something built of obligation, how was it that they spun the curve and became a worldwide source of fun, thrill, and entertainment? Today, zipline’s make their home in all angles of the globe. A person can find a tour in nearly every state in the country. So, how was it that this transportation method used in under advanced areas made its way to the highly populated, westernized society that we call home? (“Brandon Zipline Tour”).
A young man wanted to go ziplining; he arrived on a 30-foot stairwell to one of Ringwood’s predominant forests, His legs shook, almost stumbling over his feet of nervousness. One of his councilor’s announced "Come on, what are you waiting for?" the man announced as he...

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