The Negatives Of Surrogate Mothering Essay

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“In the U.S. surrogacy is less regulated than used car sales” (Humphreys). Surrogate mothering has been around for many years, and is becoming even more publically common in today’s society. The most technical way to describe a “full” surrogate transaction would be as follows, “the implanting of an embryo created using either the eggs and sperm or both of the intended parents…” (Arnold). This in turn would mean that the carrying mother would have no genetic connection with the child. This also allows the parents of the child being carried have full genetic connection to the child, making the whole family unit that much stronger. Surrogate mothering is a gateway for couples that wish to have a child with their own genetic and personality characteristics especially for said couples who are unable to physically have the child. For the surrogate mother, she will most likely receive a substantial amount of money for this task. In some cases a surrogate mother is used because the receiving mother cannot use her own womb due to the fact that she may not possess a uterus, which in turn would totally prevent said women from conceiving her own child (Malpani and Malpani). As unfortunate as this situation is, women all over the world have many different reasons for not being able to conceive and or carry their own children. It is very common for women to be unable to birth their own, because of new developments in medicine, and also developments in genetics. This alternative way of bringing life into the world has been used for hundreds of years. But, the first to be recorded in this life time was an arrangement in 1976 (“Definition of Surrogate Mothering”). This phenomenon had been used in societies for hundreds of years, yet it took till the 1970’s to be recognized publically for what it was. This recognition opened up more opportunities for couples to hire a surrogate, but also more room for public scrutiny and governmental involvement, or attempts of involvement. Just as adoption is on the rise of popularity, surrogate mothering is staking its claim on society. Just as most every adoption transaction is monitored by agencies, which are set up by the government, surrogacy is also going to require governmental involvement. Surrogate mothering should be regulated because of the physical and emotional toll it on the birth mother, the lack of science behind the procedure, and the future of the child. With restrictions and monitoring, this program would be safer for the surrogate mother, and also the receiving couple, but most importantly the child or children that are involved. The child should always come first, and to assure its safety, more programs or agencies, should be set up to guild the couple and the surrogate mother throughout the whole process. Setting restrictions on these transactions would make it more equal and fair, but also easier to do. By the establishment of these restrictions and guild-line agencies, than the liability issues could be...

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