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The Negativity Of Greed Is Stronger Than Jealousy

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The way people feel about something or react to it is most of the time not optional or tempted more by their desires or by their nature. “The pearl” is a great example of how people completely turn over into different creatures because of their human characteristic or because of their human desires. Jealousy is a great factor that helped in leading to the climax and the tragedy of the novel, whereas greed was the most important one because of what the pearl represents and what the actual reason behind the people pursuing the main characters was.
Jealousy has always been a two-way trait that could be used to be beneficial, or used to destroy human’s lives. Kino started to realize ...view middle of the document...

The doctor is a great example of that, since he was not interested in any kind of extra money until he saw envisioned the pearl in front of his eye and painted a future full of luxury and amusement. The people of the town were jealous at Kino and started to feel hatred even though they lived with him for a long time and have not actually felt anything negative towards him, which sets us into the realization that people do not actually get to choose their feelings and specially people who suffer from difficulties and obstacles in life. Jealousy’s power lies in its benefit in both the positive and the negative sides, but greed’s power lies in its focus on the bad sides of things.
Despite what people think, greed is not just a trait that could be cured or simply ignored just because it’s a human nature. Greed has always been the motivation to do be over ambitious and end up doing things that are against the good human nature, and the people in the novel demonstrated perfectly that most of the time greed leads to tragic ends and that trait should be avoided. “He did not know, and perhaps this doctor did. And he could not take the chance of pitting his certain ignorance against this man's possible knowledge. He was trapped as his people were always trapped, and would be until, as he had said, they could be sure that the things in the books ere really in the books.” When things started to get suspicious, it was obvious that the doctor is looking for more than just the money. The doctor could have waited for Kino’s money and tricked him with his knowledge so he can take more than what he could actually need or deserve for curing Coyotito, but he rather decided to be...

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