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The Negatve Effects Of A Little Miss Monster

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Is it acceptable for toddler girls under the age of six to dress and act the way a twenty-six year old women would dress and act, just to participate in child beauty pageants? Young girls dressed in revealing clothing, being caked in make-up, getting fake tans, wearing fake eyelashes, teeth, hair, and nails, or even performing extremely mature routines are a few reasons pertaining to why it is unacceptable for toddlers to be in the modeling industry. Beauty pageants are very popular in the United States, and are growing rapidly (A Beauty Pageant Ban). Toddlers and Tiaras is a popular television show promoting children in beauty pageants causing contestant entries to rise. It’s estimated in the United States alone each year 250,000 children compete in child pageants of that, over 100,000 are girls under the age of twelve (Rapport). Out of the 250,000 participants in these beauty pageants, studies have shown that approximately half of these children are unhappy with their body and wish to go on a diet to fix their self image (Rapport). Youth pageants are clearly causing children to only focus on physical appearance and not the true beauty of the child's personality. Consequently, the negative effects on a toddler’s life, safety, mental, and physical health over power the benefits of toddlers participating in the beauty pageants.
Children beauty pageants encourage young girl’s to wear make-up, dress in fancy, expensive clothes, and prove to the judges they have what it takes to beat the other contestants. Jessica Bennett states in Tales of a Modern Diva “But this, my friends, is the new normal: a generation that primps and dyes and pulls and shapes, younger and with more vigor. Girls today are salon vets before they enter elementary school.” Kids get fake nails put on along with fake eyelashes, hair, teeth, and occasionally fake tans, sometimes real tans. Therefore, make-up is coated on their faces camouflaging young beauty contestants as middle aged women. Tight dresses, shorts, shirts and frequently costumes revealing a lot of skin are worn during each performance. The beauty contests focus a great deal on outer appearance and self-image, however, a small portion challenges children with the concept of inner beauty. The internet world is increasing day by day making it easier to access information from online sources (Juntunen). Child pornography refers to a form of sexual exploitation of children (Juntunen). Images taken at children beauty pageants are constantly being put on the world wide web for the public to openly view.
Toddlers have a free spirit while they are in their developing years. However, as toddlers mature, they are to work at their own speed (Rye). In order to grow, toddlers explore the world each day with an open mind. Child beauty pageants are known for targeting too much attention on physical appearance (A Beauty Pageant Ban). During children beauty pageants young kids are strutting down a runway wearing...

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