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The Negetive Aspects Of American Education System

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The American Education System has been a core component to the development of generations since it became a public system in the 1870s. Since then more rules, higher expectations for some, and even lower expectations for others have been added to the original structure. In recent years, many debates have surfaced over whether the American education system is failing. Too few they believe the American Education System is on the right track. Most researchers however have shown statistics that it is in fact slowly declining as new acts and regimens are added. It has been on a downward spiral for years and citizens have been watching it happen, the lack of government funding, acts like the No ...view middle of the document...

Not only does it decrease their motivation because they are being pressured to do well it does not assess them extremely accurate. It is testing students on how well they can memorize something not on learned skills they must perform.
From the beginning of public schools, they have been views as institutions to serve local communities funded by voluntary contributions; however, times have changed and must funding is through the government orientated local property taxes (Biddle). This brought up the argument that impoverished areas would not get equal educational opportunities due to unequal funding. Depending on the area and school, annual funding per student can range from less than $4,000 to exceeding $15,000(Biddle). That $10,000 differences is huge, impoverished area’s students are suffering due to a problem they cannot help. There are many excuses commonly used to explain unequal funding’s. Some blame history and the fact that public schools have been funded by property taxes since the early 19th century (Biddle). It can also be seen as many higher officials seeing funding public schools equally as a waste of tax dollars (Biddle). These do not make it okay to deprive a child of educational opportunities to help them succeed.
The effects of poorly or not as well funded schools are clearly seen in public schools across the nation. In a study by Harold Wenglinsky in 1998 it was found that gaps between students of high and low socioeconomic status was much greater in a poorly funded school district (Biddle). Schools who received more funding are able to hire teachers with more experience, higher levels of education, and higher scores on competency tests. Better funded schools can often reduce class sizes which have been seen to generate achievement (Biddle). Two of the best scoring schools in the United States, Naperville Public School District and “First-In-The-World” Consortium, both earned scores on testing comparable to top countries like Japan, they also have some of the highest funding per student in the US....

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