The Negotiations Of Power From Centre To Periphery And Vice Versa

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Any Indian newspaper today, carries some news related to AAP or Aam Aadmi Party. For the past few months, it has been a major discussion topic more so for the people of Delhi, but nonetheless for the rest of India as well.

So how has AAP successfully garnered so much attention? What does it bring to the table? Is it just about building a corrupt-free India? The answer is, certainly not. An even important factor is its basic ideology – that they are the common man, working for the common man. What they have successfully done is propagate the idea of distribution of power from the government into the hands of the common man. The government is the centre of power whereas the people are the periphery. This contemporary example helps us understand a basic theory of dependence. How power is negotiated between the centre and the periphery.

The Dependence theory originated around 1950’s (Wiki - Dependence Theory, 2010). The developing countries were seen at a very disadvantageous position as compared to the developed nations when it came to the terms of trade. They obtained fewer manufactured goods in exchange for the large amount of raw materials that they exported. And the rules were governed by the developed nations, since in this case; they were the centre of power.

This is what is suggested by the theory. Countries which possess power in the form of resources, technology, military and political advantage exert pressure on countries which lack them to work for their own advantage (Marshal, 1998). Hence the richer countries grow richer and the poorer ones are worse off, creating a wider inequality in the whole system. It also says that it is a core group of capitalist countries that for their own development will continue to do so. It is a part of the process that supports the development of capitalism in its own countries. There is a very saddening implication of this theory. The entire education, health care, environment, and social sectors in the developing countries basically run and pump the money to the developed ones because they are the centre of power.

This is the Dependence Theory from the political and economic aspect as it was originated. But it has wider applications. From topics as big as the world economy to the running of an academic institute like MICA, it finds relevance at many places. Some of the below examples help us in understanding the importance of this theory even further:

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