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The Neoteric Age Of Technology Essay

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“Society is Dead, We Have Retreated into the iWorld” by Andrew Sullivan written in 2005 and “A Personal Guide to Digital Happiness” by Anna Akbari written in 2011 both discuss the positive and negative attributes of technology in the world. With all the technology that is being created, people are sucked into their own little utopia within the world of technology and people seem to have trouble with either connecting with technology and disconnecting with it. Sullivan and Akbari both discuss how technology can be good for you, but how it can also be bad for you and how people tend to react towards a situation dealing with the withdrawal of internet or and iPod. Sullivan’s view on technology is more negative on how it is turning people into introverts with their iPods and living in their own little “iWorld”. On the other hand, Akbari talks about how wonderful technology is, and how you can meet new people over the internet and even do your bill payments and be happy with technology.
Sullivan discusses how quiet it is in New York City now, or at least quieter than it was before. He says that he looks around and he sees a bunch of people with the little white wires in their ears; Sullivan says that it’s almost as if it’s a cult, but he even though he’s pointing out those who walk around surrounded by their own little musical world, he says that he’s one of them too. He explains that the people who are walking around listening to their iPods has made people a little bit more rude by ignoring those around them and also that in a way humans are making themselves interact socially less by being sucked into their music devices. In his essay he talks about how music makes one’s life a little bit more secret because he talked about the two guys on the subway listening to their music, but they wouldn’t actually get to know that person that well because for all they know, they could be listening to death metal or Gregorian chants. Sullivan is basically talking about how humans tend to connect more with other humans that have the same likes and dislikes. But he probably feels like people are growing farther and farther away from each other because of the influence technology has on people.
However, Akbari is cheering on the use of technology and how it’s so fantastic that you can make friends or even lovers over the internet. Even though she talks more about the positive factors of technology she still could have added more the negative details because now people feel like asking someone out in public to one’s face is somewhat awkward or noted as “coming on too strong.” Akbari loves the way technology has changed over the past years and how advanced it’s becoming, but she talks to her students about how becoming addicted to your technology devices is unhealthy in a way; somewhat like an addiction or obsession. In my own opinion I think that Akbari wants people to think of technology as a great thing for humans, but you just have to be in control of your...

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