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The Nephew's Italian American Restaurant Is The Place For You

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If Italian food is your thing then New England gives you many options. From big chains to smaller, more unique establishments, you’re sure to find one to your liking. Some will argue that the best around can be found in Providence on the famous Federal Hill. I myself beg to differ. If you don’t mind driving a little off the beaten path you’ll find a hidden gem. In a small plaza, just off 140 in East Freetown, is The Nephew’s Restaurant. If you want authentic, homemade, Italian cuisine, the freshest seafood or the biggest, juiciest steaks than The Nephew’s is the place for you.
Last Friday night me and my fiancée decided to venture out into the cold for dinner and decided to ...view middle of the document...

If you’re a town resident, seeing that this is a hometown place, frequented by many locals, you just might run into quite a few old friends before you make it to your table. You can choose to be seated on the bar side which is the smaller side and includes the smooth wooden bar surrounded by about fifteen high backed bar stools and a few booths and tables scattered sparsely. Above the bar hang two flat screen televisions and a few low light fixtures dimly lit to give just the right ambience of warmth and relaxation. On the opposite side is the main dining area which includes quite a few more comfortably sized booths and some round tables which could probably fit five adults comfortably. The seating might feel a little cramped for some but the friendly dispositions of all the patrons makes it feel like one big happy family. The quick banter and joyous laughter that fill this place can’t help but make you feel like you’re amongst friends. The atmosphere is surely one of the reasons this place has a loyal following.
We decided to sit on the main dining side and once seated we were promptly greeted by one of the cheerful waitresses, Christine, to take our drink order. I ordered water and John ordered a sprite ($2.30) and then we proceeded to look at the menu. This place doesn’t have a ten page menu, but they don’t need one. Everything on the menu is an authentic homemade dish. Trying to decide what to order might be your biggest problem because everything sounds mouthwatering. John already knew he was going to order the prime rib since we had heard it was the best around and I was trying to decide on the sirloin steak with bleu cheese or the lasagna, both of which sounded succulent. Christine came back with our drinks and assured us there was no hurry if we still needed time to decide. I decided I did and we both ordered a cup of clam chowder ($3.25) in the meantime. While waiting for our chowder and trying to decide what I wanted John was reading some trivia questions to me from a little box placed on each table. I thought this was rather fun and it made me think of how much I miss the little things like actual board games instead of some electronic version of an old favorite. As I was in the midst of answering one of the questions I had to stop and look at the table next to us because I had just gotten a glimpse of the most tantalizing piece of lasagna and that made up my mind for me. Now I just had to wait and see if it would taste as good as it looked.
Christine came back with our chowder, served with a package of oyster crackers, and took our order. John ordered the 24 oz. prime rib cooked medium rare with a side of spaghetti and mixed...

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