The Internet: A Network Of Controversies Exploring The Problems And Solutions Of Offensive Content On The Internet

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Each day thousands of children are exposed to pornographic images and video on the Internet and the number continues to rise. Almost 90 percent of children aged from eight to sixteen years old have been exposed to pornographic material, either intentionally or accidentally while playing games or doing homework. These figures are unacceptable and need to be dealt with. The Internet is a "virtual anarchy" with no laws or regulations and it must be controlled. The invention of the Internet has brought many good things to society, however it has also brought a whole new set of problems to deal with. The world needs to create an international organization to deal with the crimes and immoralities that are being committed on the Internet.The most popular problem facing the Internet is the issue of pornography. Because there is no universal legal system, the website must only conform to their own country's laws. For example, certain countries such as the Netherlands allow teens to be in pornographic photographs and videos at the age of sixteen, instead of the more widely accepted age of eighteen years old. The Internet has allowed people from all over the world a "window" into the Netherlands; exploiting more young teens than ever before, causing a record number of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.The subject matter of many websites subconsciously promotes adultery in their films, and objectifies women in particular. Promoting theses ideas that reach such a wide audience is a threat to the basic backbone of our society. Studies have shown that the largest consumers of Internet pornography are not adults but children aged twelve to seventeen years old (Pornography Statistics). It is truly a frightening thought to think that future generations will be basing their morals on what they have seen on the Internet. It comes as no surprise that the infidelity and divorce rates have "sky-rocketed" in the past decade. The Internet porn industry has also created addicts, their are thousands of people who are suffering from pornography addiction. Pornography addiction may sound frivolous but it can cause very serious problems such as debt from over-spending on porn sites and it can ruin relationships with family and friends as the victim spends all of his or her time on the computer.The pornographic websites are also much more relentless in their quest to attract potential customers than ever before. Because of the competitive nature of the Internet, pornographers will do nearly anything to get your business. A common thing companies will do is register Internet names that closely resemble popular Internet sites in an attempt to catch people who misspell the name, resulting in people who had no intention of viewing pornography to be exposed to it. Another common thing adult entertainment companies will do is use tricks to get to the top of the list of popular search engine queries. It is estimated that about 25 percent of the sites in search...

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