The Internet Should Not Be Censored

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The internet should not be censored.

Now what information could the government be hiding from us? This will be a question asked more often if the government's internet filter proposal goes through. The internet filter can hide information about controversial topics from existence in Australia. We citizens are to make our opinions and then vote for who we think has our best opinions. This is undemocratic, and is also against our human right of free speech. China is the best know example where internet filtering is involved, and what do we think of the Chinese government. Do we want the Australian government to become like the Chinese government? Internet censorship today is unproductive, with large amounts of false positives and other common online activities would have to be blocked. This is just a waste of money for what we are getting. Guess who decides what is on the internet filter? A government department, not someone who is trained in law. Finally the internet filter will slow our already snail slow internet speeds. An internet filter should not be implemented for all these crucial reasons.

It is ineffective and waste of money.

With all our advances with modern technology, internet filtering is still imperfect today. The internet is a dynamic environment, with new websites appearing every day, some of them inappropriate for children. The internet filters blacklist only has 2025 websites listed to this day. There is a huge amount of human labour required in order to add new websites to this list. The huge amount of labour required to maintain this filter is very prohibitive, it just makes this filter a waste of taxpayers money. Your hard earned money! Google has 8 billion web pages in its index. Would 3025 websites be enough, to block unsuitable content on the internet. Every day internet activities would have to be blocked, such as web caches, translating software and proxies, as these can be used to bypass the filter. The Howard government was planning to launch an internet filter in 1999, but that never went pass the planning stage. One of the Howard governments advisors stated that the “technology simply does not work.” This is true about the ability of internet censorship today, it does not work. The government is intending the filter to prevent identify theft, cyber-bullying, posting of photos without consent, computer addiction, child predators and viruses. An internet filter will not patch up these problems. People who want access to inappropriate content contain children, obtain this over peer-to-peer networks or Usenet. These are not blocked by the internet filter. Your taxpayer money should be better spent on education campaigns that are more effective than a filter.

It restricts your freedom.

The ACMA chooses the websites that are on the blacklist. The ACMA is a department of the Australian government. This means politicians choose the websites that are on the blacklist, not a judge. For example Senator Xeonphon...

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