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The Netherlands A Cultural Profile

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Frederik Wild Cultural Profile - The Netherlands
The Netherlands - Cultural Profile
Table of contents
1. Introduction 2. Overview
a. Territory b. Politics c. Population
3. Communication a. Verbal Communication b. Non Verbal Communication
4. Customs a. Clothing b. Economy & Work c. Family d. Tolerance
5. Conclusion

Frederik Wild Cultural Profile - The Netherlands
The Netherlands or Holland? Dutch or Netherlanders? There are multiple terms describing the country, the people and the culture of this territory. The Dutch or the "Netherlanders" are from Holland or more commonly known, from the Netherlands. Why does the country have two different names and two different titles for its population?
(Maps, F. W.)

Frederik Wild Cultural Profile - The Netherlands The word "Nederland" was used to describe the geographical situation of the land, since "neder" is the Dutch term for low/down and "land" simply means land in Dutch. Since the country is very flat and not undulating, the name fits perfectly to describe this area. In the 15th century, the Netherland consisted of the upper and the lower land. Later in that time, both of the areas fell to a European Dynasty. The regions now became one country, known as the Netherlands. Holland is a slightly incorrect way to refer to the Netherlands. The origin lies in the former northwestern province of the country, known as Holland. The province was divided in the 19th century and is now called North Holland and South Holland. Dutch citizens who are not out of one of these two provinces dislike being called "Hollander", which is another term for a Dutch person (Dennis Mares, A.C.).
Territory "God created the world, but the Dutch made Holland". The country takes up 40,844 square kilometers, making Holland the same size as Scotland. It ranges 300 kilometer from North to South and 200 kilometers from East to West. The country is mostly flat and over half of the Netherlands is lying below the sea level. The land is protected from inundation by 2,400km of dykes. On top of this the Dutch created a complex drainage and canal system. The rivers, which extend to an amount of 5000 kilometers, are providing a convenient and effective way of transportation. Forests compose only eight percent of the land in Holland, thus making it the least wooded country in Europe. Over half of the soil is used for agriculture. The saying at the beginning of the paragraph resembles the truth, since the People had to deal with the tough circumstances of the geographical attributes given. There are a lot of similarities when comparing the land to the soil in Bavaria, Germany. Agriculture is also a tremendous part of the Bavarian economy (Vries, A. d.).
Politics The capitol of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. The political system of the Netherlands is the constitutional monarchy. The power lies in the prime minister who is the head of the cabinet, and is being checked by the parliament. The Dutch also have a queen, who is...

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