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The Never Ending Cycle Of Boredom In A Form Of Art

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The reason why humans tend to be bored is a perplexing mystery within itself. It usually leads to the greatest discoveries of life by fault or not; other times it does not and proves just how idiotic humanity can behave when there is a lack of activity to be performing. Boredom tends to feel like a disease that is incurable to the mind as everyone experiences it differently. Although, boredom is a phase that everyone experiences the majority of times in their life, the most creative ideas are created from doing nothing. For example the birth of flash mobs according to Bill Wasik’s essay “My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project” was his outlet of getting rid of his boredom to get people to ...view middle of the document...

) The outcome after Wasik’s several attempts of a flash mob was for no apparent reason, but to gather people together for an unplanned event. As an unplanned event anything could of happened “….be it political, religious, or to do with advertising”(Aburawa 28.) A similar real life example would be the “Chicago’s Magical Piano” video on YouTube that was produced by Rob Bliss Creative. In the video, the setting is in the Union Train station in Chicago on a normal winter day in December. In the station, along with the decorations of the holiday season, there is a grand piano sitting by itself with no musician. While people walked by the instrument, the piano would suddenly start to play music. Some people ignored the piano and continued on the task ahead, others had their curiosity peak and came to interact with the piano. In brief, it definitely brought positive and negative reactions from the people. Yet, the piano had no reason or purpose of being in the station in the first place. Maybe the person behind this idea was bored and decided to bring people together just like Wasik but in their own twist of creativity using the arts as an outlet. Regardless of the fact that flash mobs and “Chicago’s Magical Piano” are two different ways to express social issues or creative expressions, they both have a possible chance of making an impact on society. Yet at the same time, both methods are created as a way to grab the public’s attention to see what the purpose of their act is. Case in point, flash mobs would contain dancing and a full of energy vibe to the crowd while “Chicago’s Magical Piano” held a holiday theme to complement the busy and wonderful holiday season and bring a sense of joy and peace in a hectic environment. A deeper explanation of why humans experience boredom would be the relation with today’s fast paced lifestyle and technologic advances. Since the majority of the youth population – ranging from children to adults – spends their time browsing the web, it can become boring searching the World Wide Web in a repetitive manner over time. Factors such as a short attention span and not having the time to interaction with humans through person to person communication can also broaden the horizon of boredom into an eternity feeling of sorts. In a way, boredom is practically at the doorstep of our mind, lurking in the shadows, waiting for a break in between humanity’s busy lifestyle to sneak up and contaminate the human soul. In addition to living in a fast paced life, in today’s society there is a lack of interaction within people. Because everyone spends time on the...

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