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Mechanical Engineering is one of the most far-reaching engineering field career wise, which designs, develop, build, and test inventions. According to “The 100 Best Jobs” an article on the internet, Mechanical Engineering is listed as 19 out of 100. The reasoning in the article that Mechanical Engineering was listed as number 19 was because of the higher salary, ability and opportunity for upward mobility, low unemployment rates, lower stress level and flexibility of hours. In the same article it uses a great quote from Tom Loughlin “One of the fun things about engineering is that there’s something in it for anybody.” One can interpret that as the world of engineering has endless ...view middle of the document...

Even the low amounts of pay are considered fairly substantial. There is a wide range of pay for one that has this degree, because there are a wide range of careers one can procure with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Not only does it matter what state and city you choose to work, but also what field you choose to work in as well.
There are 24 technical sub-division within The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, this shows the wide range of areas that one can find a career. The list is as followed, Air Pollution Control, Applied Mechanics, Automatic control, Biomechanical and Human factors, Design Engineering, Diesel and gas Engine Power, Energetics, Fluids Engineering, Fuels, Gas Turbine, Heat Transfer, Incineration, Lubrication, Materials Handling, Metals Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Pressure Vessel and piping, Railroad, Aviation and Space, Rubber and Plastics, Solar Energy Application, Textile Engineering and Underwater Technology. (Careers in Engineering 37) For an Air Quality Engineer also known as “Air Pollution Control” or Environmental Engineer, the salary range is from $23,000 to $108,600+ (Careers in Focus 5). Groundwater is also a concern and new ways are needed to make sure we perfect the process of drilling and ways to protect groundwater at the same time, many times Mechanical Engineers are needed for this, the salary range is from $42,400 to $101,200+ (Careers in Focus 88). Materials Handling or Hazardous Waste Management salary range is from $27,000 to $80,000+ (Careers in Focus, 97) Renewable Energy Professionals salary range is from $20,000 (Administrative) to $120,600+. The possibility is endless and with an ever growing society and the need for new and better technology, careers in Mechanical Engineering will never be in short supply.
The job opportunities for one with a Mechanical Engineering degree are unfathomable. Compiling another list with O*Net, the states with the most annual job openings, for strictly Mechanical Engineering, from highest to lowest are; Michigan with 1,300, California with 940, Texas with 860, Pennsylvania with 450, Illinois with 440, Ohio with 420, Massachusetts with 350, New York with 340, Virginia with 320, Washington with 310, Indiana with 280, Florida with 270, North Carolina and Wisconsin with 250, Minnesota with 230, South Carolina,
Maryland and New Jersey with 220, Alabama and Connecticut with 180, Missouri with 170, Arizona and Colorado with 140, Louisiana and Utah with 130, Georgia, Iowa and Kentucky with 110, Kansas with 100, Oklahoma with 90, New Hampshire and Idaho with 60, Arkansas with 50, District of Colombia and New Mexico with 40, Delaware, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Wyoming with 30, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia with 20, Alaska with 10 and Mississippi with 0, any states not listed was lacking data. This is not the only data one should take into consideration while...

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