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The New Age Employee Essay

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The New Age Employee

The Human Resource issue that I will be discussing in my paper stems from the American Red Cross. The first, thing I will discuss is the organization’s external environment and then the HR department’s internal system.

In the external environment of the American Red Cross, there are several issues affecting the organization. For example, the U.S population is becoming more diverse according to demographics. Also, the number of donors and volunteer’s is steadily decreasing, and the baby boomers are approaching the age of retirement. As a result, they will take with them, a large amount of the American Red Cross volunteer hours. Consequently, the American Red Cross is looking for volunteer’s to fill their offices nationwide.

Internally there are also a lot of issues occurring within the organization’s human resource department. For instance, the new and younger employees coming into the organization, and they are expecting new ways of being recognized for their good work. As a result, the HR department is inventing new ways to accommodate these employees. Which requires the organization to actively go out and recruit employees. This is something that the organization has not encountered before.

In my opinion, the American Red Cross should adapt to the changes in their external environment. Such as: the changes in the demographics of the employees within the organization and how those new employees affect the human resources department’s functions. Because, there are no longer just white men at the top of the organization; there are minorities and women that are in the corporate culture. As a result, it is the duty of an organization to adapt and change to its available employee job pool. On the other hand, the American Red Cross has traditionally been “unfriendly to minorities”, but because of the changes in the demographics of their employee pool they have to adapt or change. If not, they will be left behind by other similar organizations, and consequently, they will become obsolete.

There are two emerging opportunities in the American Red Cross’s industry. First, to ensure that care is provided to people affected by man made or natural disasters in an effective and efficient manner. Secondly, to tailor their service’s to the needs, and availability of the new demographics of the community.

There is not a lot of competition between the American Red Cross and any other organization within their industry. Because they have monopolized their market, and there isn’t a significant number of organization’s that provide services to people during or after disasters.

Even so, the demographics in the organizations external environment are changing rapidly. There is a stronger concentration of minorities and they want to be represented with this organization. Thus, the social values of the community are changing. Now, the organization needs to...

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