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The New Age Of Music Essay

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Nothing in this world remains stationary. Everything is constantly changing and advancing, and technology is no exception. Daily, new technological inventions are being created. One of the more recent ideas is the electronification of music. Starting in the mid-nineteenth century, electronic music has done nothing but aid in the growth of humanity. This form of music is commonly disliked and labeled as “fake music,” but it is actually the exact opposite of these ignorant remarks. Electronic music has progressed throughout the years, completely revolutionizing society through its innovative properties and educational qualities.
The idea of electronic music was thought up hundreds of years ago. Ferruccio Busoni, an Italian composer and musician of the eighteen hundreds, predicted the rise of electronic music when music was still strictly classical. “I almost think that in the new great music, machines will also be necessary and will be assigned a share in it” (Dubal 438). Musical electronic sounds were first heard in 1877, when Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Although the music being played was performed on traditional instruments, the final sound through the phonograph had an electronical quality. These new sounds had never been heard before, and they clung to the brains of the creative.
In 1913, Italian Luigi Russolo experimented with synthesized music. He believed that music should express industrial society, so he built instruments called intonarumori, or noise instruments. These inventions projected a variety of noises such as grating, hissing, scratching, rumbling, and shrieking. However, Russolo was too far ahead of his time, and the general public did not appreciate his futuristic ideas. Sadly, most of Russolo’s music and instruments later vanished during World War II (Hiller 1).
About twenty years later, actual electronic music was finally born successfully in the mind of the great Raymond Scott. Originally planning to go into engineering, Scott only continued down the musical path because of his older brother’s prompting (Orlando 26). While working with peers in his university, Scott became frustrated when his classmates could not play with robot-like precision. Scott then combined his two loves for technology and music into a creative new craze. He began inventing and recording on new musical machines. His first patented invention, the Orchestra Machine, was an electromechanical synthesizer, designed like a keyboard that was capable of producing sounds similar to those made by each instrument in an orchestra. With his new invention, Scott was able to compose and play “perfect” pieces without any human flaws. Scott soon became extremely wealthy, selling his recordings to Warner Brothers for radio and television shows such as Looney Tunes, Good Morning, America, The David Letterman Show, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, and many more (Orlando 27). With his fortune, he bought himself a...

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