The New Face Of Obesity In America

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Obesity is defined as having overly excessive body fat and a body mass index, BMI, greater than 30. It is different in being overweight in that, being overweight can conclude from a large amount of muscle or a small amount of excess fat. Whereas being obese means there is an extreme amount of excess fat. Causes of obesity include excessive caloric intake, lack of exercise, and genetics. Previously, obesity was considered a lifestyle choice but more recently it has been determined medically as a chronic disease or disability. Today more than one third of all American’s are considered obese. In the past obesity was a topic that was attempted to prevent. Now with new healthcare, and a medical ...view middle of the document...

These factors are what America should be focusing on to decrease, in order to prevent the chances and prevalence of obesity. For one, a lack of activity and proper nutrition are the most common causes of obesity. No matter what, our body requires food; people cannot just stop eating and loose weight for good. Americans have a twisted mindset on what is proper nutrition, and what can help them loose or maintain a health weight. Even the “fresh” labeled produce in the grocery store can be packed full or growth hormones, preservatives, and artificial additives to make it more appealing to the American eye. Although many Americans would blame this one the producer, they must also take some part of the responsibility. If Americans had not made there taste buds use to high sugar and salt content foods, then an organic and natural apple would taste good. In order for the producer to sell apples that are appealing to Americans they must alter them. So who is really at fault? Is it the producer attempting to please the consumer, or the consumer with an altered sense of taste?
The nation as a whole is centered on the idea of convenience. : The quickest, easiest, and cheapest from or food, travel, and services. Americans sacrifice good health for convenience. The obvious obsession with convinces has led to a staggering increase in caloric consumption per day. Americans are 29% more likely to eat fast food, instead of home cooked food. People have shown that they are more likely to eat fast food, than even at a full service restaurant. This is all because the nation is sprinting through life, without stopping for a second to look at the decisions they are making on what is going into their body. Many will argue that they can eat fast food that is healthier, but studies have proven that the individual restaurant chains are not required to put all of their complete nutritional facts out there. So for someone who thinks their salad is “fat free”, by law the salad can actually contain up to three grams of fat per serving. So it is not completely fat free.
Convince costs money. Even if a customer orders three things from the dollar menu, and spend only $3.50 on lunch, which is considered inexpensive. Yet, the quality of the food, and the health costs it will cause later on, makes that cheap lunch a lot more expensive than what meets the eye. For a low cost grocery budget for a family of four, eating in can cost around $25 a day. For that same family of four to eat out every meal,...

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