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The New Generation Essay

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It has become a continuous habit in a civilized society, like ours, to rely on the internet whenever we encounter a simple question, problem or are simply curious about anything. The internet has helped us solve the problems we encounter when trying to find that kind of information. Now days everyone seems to resort to the internet pages just as Nicolas Carr wrote on his article titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” with this article Carr was able to demonstrate the reasons why and how the internet is making us stupider as a society without us even noticing it! Although I highly disagree with his reasoning, I couldn’t agree with him anymore to acknowledge the significant importance we have given the Web in our lives. I don’t think and highly disagree that the internet or in this case Google is making us stupid, in fact it is only making us more efficient and as a society brings us together in many ways. It has helped us keep up with the busy and fast pace lifestyle we are living today.
Although the internet has changed the way we behave as a whole it doesn’t necessarily means it has changed us for the worse. It’s a fact that human beings have been evolving since the beginning of our existence. We went from our simple nature of being cave men living in caves to civilized people living in homes, later adding furnishing and eating on tables, nothing likes our preexisting ancestors. These changes have not made us any less of a human, in fact just a better version of ourselves. The same way the internet has been doing in the past decades with the way we find information, work, and in many occasions interact with one another. Today information is extremely easy to access and it is just a few clicks away. Just as Carr repeats thorough his entire article by comparing his and some of his literary friends and colleagues’ abilities of reading and memorizing, he states that those abilities have decreased as years go by. He demonstrates his lack of committing and fully finishing articles online that is more than three paragraphs long. He stated “I am not the only one. When I mentioned my troubles with reading to friend and acquaintances- literary types, most of them-many say they’re having similar experiences. The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing”. As you can see he is only considering a very small group of people, therefore this cannot be applied to the rest of humanity. Some of us would value the complexity of surfing the web, and would agree that having such easy access makes it easier, faster and more convenient to acquire the information we are looking for. It also facilitates comparing information, rather than in previous generations people would have to go to a library, sometimes more than one, sit hours and read encyclopedias and books to obtain the information they are looking for. Today using search engines like Google and the Web as a whole does not only save us time, but also money and...

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