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The New Healthcare System Essay

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On March 23, 2010 President Barack Obama approved the Affordable Healthcare Act (better known as Obamacare). After this phase the plan was passed on to the Supreme Court and approved on June 28, 2012. Since then Americans have been none too happy about their only options for healthcare and have protested it from the start. Unfortunately for the president, most people have discovered that the new standard for healthcare is nowhere near ready to be handed out to the public, however the plan is already in motion and cannot be stopped, although most have considered the good and the bad, most have found it unappealing. Many people are asking the question: is Obamacare the new health care system our country deserves or is it going to lead Americans into another economic downfall?
For year’s government officials have been striving for better-cheaper healthcare and president Obama was positive that he accomplished this goal. Recent complaints however, have shown that until Obama “prioritizes better care over more care, our nation will continue to face a problem with health-care” (Daschle). Not only do Americans deserve a better healthcare system, they need it. Since the start of this new healthcare policy peoples policy prices have fluctuated and some have even lost their policy altogether. Even the people advocating for the new law are “acknowledging that premiums are skyrocketing” (Kessler). This is the complete opposite of what was intended. The government needs to stop looking for quick fixes so they can hurry and release the new law and spend more time working out the major issues, they need to find a solid solution and find one fast.
It is no secret that the unemployment rate is extremely high and the economy is not growing, but until recently the people had no idea that the “Affordable Care Act is a major cause” (Turner). Many companies are hesitant to hire new employees because they do not want to pay the high price of the Act's mandatory health coverage. The new healthcare law requires business with more than 50 employees to provide workers with healthcare, failure to do so will result in a yearly fine of up to $3,000 per employee. This extra spending is detouring companies from growing and hiring new employees. Healthcare should not keep a person from being hired, if the new healthcare law is the only thing standing in a person’s way of finding a steady job then the economy is going to be facing major problems down the road.
Smaller companies will be struck the hardest and could potentially be wiped out. This could mean “less money to build stores, reduced investments in research, and fewer jobs” (Turner). There was optimism that health reform could potentially cure the economy's problems before the new law was passed. Government officials predicted that the new health reform would substantially lower unemployment and improve labor markets. Unfortunately that was the complete opposite of what happened....

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