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The New Manhattan Project Essay

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The number one source of power in the World is coal power plants. The coal is burned in order to produce the electricity needed to power most everything. Along with producing power, coal power plants also emit sodium dioxide, nitrogen oxide, dust particles, and carbon dioxide.Nuclear power plants do not emit any of these things. All of the compounds emitted by coal power plants are major contributor to global warming because they are greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gases pretty much just intensify the rays of the Sun as they come through our atmosphere, making temperatures on Earth rise higher and higher. Nuclear power is the solution to the clean energy problem because they produce energy without producing carbon dioxide and because nuclear power is overall cheaper.

Nuclear power runs off of uranium (not coal or oil or any other kind of combustion reaction) in order to produce electricity. Nathan Myhrvold stated that “The future of the planet depends on all the ways we address climate change”. One major step that can be taken in that direction would be the implementation of a cleaner source of energy. Most anti-nuclear activists would argue that all that needs to be done would be to create large solar fields or fields of windmills. Then what happens if there is a day without much wind? What about an overly cloudy day? Energy production from these sources wouldn’t cease, but it would be cut dramatically. Mark Lynas informed us that even if we eliminated all fossil fuel burning power plants and used solar and wind power for everything, there still wouldn’t be enough power generated by them alone to power the U.S. The answer to this predicament is to implement Nuclear power plants in place of fossil fuel power plants. Nuclear power plants don’t produce any greenhouse gases or other toxic fumes that pollute the earth. Coal power plants produces millions of tons of CO2 every year, for example, the Scherer plant in Juliet, GA produces 25.3 million tons of CO2 yearly, but the state in the U.S. with the highest CO2 generation per year is Texas with 290 Million tons per year. Of course this is just a drop in the bucket for the total of nearly 10 billion tons of CO2 being produced worldwide from power generation alone yearly. Yet, this number could be cut down to 9 billion, then 8 billion, then 7, and so on and so forth until there isn’t more than 1 billion tons being produced by power generation yearly.

There is also debate on where, if the United States implemented nuclear plants more, would they be built that is safe for the plant and people around the plant. A few geologists that are on the topic of nuclear power argue that we can” build nuclear plants in the West because of how earthquake prone it is, and you don’t want a repeat of what happened at the Fukushima plant. There is also argument that you can’t expand around populated areas, in case and of the radioactive waste that is produced by the plant gets into the water or just...

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