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The New Source Of Renewable Energy

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According to oxford dictionary, there are 3 meaning of energy. One of the energy meanings is power utilized from physical or chemical resources to move machine or provide light and heat. While the renewable energy meaning is energy from a source that did not depleted when used. Mostly, it is an energy came from nature which can be restore to normal level or condition at human timescale such as sun, wind and rain. There are many source of energy in the world. But the world mainly consume on non-renewable energy. The energy commonly uses to generate electricity or run vehicle. As stated in BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013, the world’s energy consume from renewable energy source is ...view middle of the document...

In year 2012, it is already supply 2.5 GW compare in year 2006 is below than 500 megawatts. This show the solar thermal is one of the new sources of energy being in use. While in year 2014, India has awarded contract to Ener-t international to do research and development of solar thermal. India does the investment in solar thermal because want be world leader in solar thermal. This is show the solar thermal is new source of energy and India is also involve in competition of raising the solar thermal power plant.

Other source of renewable energy is bio-energy. Bioenergy is energy come from the conversion of biomass, where biomass is any organic matter derives from animal or plant. The examples of biomass feedstock are organic waste, manure, food processing waste, agriculture residues or wood chips. Bioenergy can be dividing into 2. It is biofuel and biopower. Biofuels is converting biomass into liquid fuel. For example are fermented sugarcane, corn or wheat to produce ethanol. Meanwhile biopower is using biomass to generate electricity. It is by using biomass as a direct-fired, co firing, gasification, anaerobic digestion, or pyrolysis in power station. Korea is one of country set their target to have new source of energy by using bioenergy. They set to use 10.16 million tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe) of bioenergy in 2030 compare to 0.963 Mteo in 2011. It will be increase about 11 times. These show bioenergy is one of the new sources of energy. One more prove the bioenergy is the new source of energy is the scientist keep doing research in finding new technology. As new source of energy, the research is needed to improve the output energy and become more efficient with less cost in production. The new technology is to increase the percent of usage of bioenergy as primary source of energy in the world. The new result from research is using algae to produce biofuels. Algae are very useful because it use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. It is like tree. So it can reduce the carbon dioxide in the air. Then algae can be extract oil. It can be done by oil press, hexane solvent method or supercritical fluids method. Then the oil continues to refinery process or transesterification. The final product of the process is biodiesel.
Another source of renewable energy is harvest energy from infrared emission. There are two type of harvest energy from infrared emission. First is similar to a solar thermal power generator, and second is like photovoltaic cell. This type of harvest energy is found by researchers from Harvard University. The first type harvester uses two plates. One plate is at earth temperature and another one is design by ultra emissive material to radiate heat to skyward. The different heat at the two plates will generate few watts per square meter. Second type will generate electric by use nanoscale electronic components to react with temperature. It is like hot electronic make current move to the cool electronic. The current will...

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