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Michael J. Nelson a gifted athlete from Lakeview High School in Chicago, IL. Who was in his senior year with a 3.9 GPA as well a wide receiver for his football team. Michael was respected and loved by his fellow peers, and he was a perfect role model for all who looked up to him. However, on the morning of Dec. 5th 2005, Michael mysteriously died in his sleep while his mother was trying to wake him for school. How can a healthy and athletic kid like Michael all of the sudden died in his sleep? Unfortunately, the question was finally answered 3 months later when autopsy showed that Michael had a heart attack due to high levels of anabolic steroids in his system.
B.Term Topic Question & Preview:1.Should High School mandate steroid testing for all athletes? YES.
This is becoming a very serious issue now in our society, where looking a particular way or getting that one upper advantage is what matters most! People need to wake up and smell the coffee and take notice of how dangerous and serious this issue is becoming, not just professional athletes but young kids who start taking steroids in their early teens needs to stop!2.Today I’m going to focus on an alternative plan that will allow high schools to test in a more effective way. I will then present the advantages and the disadvantages of the plan. Finally, I will focus on what you the audience can do in order to demand a new bill that will completely mandate all high schools for steroid testing.
Transition: The one and only solution to get to the bottom of steroid use among teens in high schools is perform a new and effective method of testing!II. body a.Solution1.Part 1 – New effective method for testing a.The first part of my plan will focus on establishing a new effective method for testing steroid use in high schools. I called this plan S.T.O.C. (start testing on command) because schools needs to be very strict and efficient when testing for steroids. With this plan no one will be able to find any loopholes around it.
b.The new plan will be completely accurate. What I mean by this is that not only will testing be the traditional urine samples but testing will consist of highly state of art technology such as; cotton mouth swap, blood samples, and tracking testosterone levels every quarter of the school year.
c.The new plan will consist a group highly knowledgeable staff in the medical field who will be performing these test with precision and high accuracy so that there is no room for error!d.The new plan will create a new facility or department in each high school so that students who have questions or problems can speak with highly trained professional that knows what they are talking about as well as give you valuable information regarding the danger of steroids.
e.The S.T.O.C. testing will be random every month of the school year. If you were tested that month there is a possibility you can get tested again on the spot without warning if you are found suspicious. The maximum testing for...

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