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The New Vacation Spot Essay

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Walt Disney World began as forty-three square miles of land. The 1970’s transformed this land into the “happiest place on earth” for families and friends and an exciting experience. Walt Disney was a brilliant man with an imagination running wild. Thanks to him, Disney continues to this day to strive forward and surprise everyone with new ideas. Walt Disney World has been a success from the day it opened in the 1970s with the theme parks, animations, and exciting attractions.
Walt Disney World’s first theme park, Magic Kingdom, opened up in 1971 to be extremely successful. Families enjoyed visited Disney World because it was a clean, safe environment that changed the Orlando area forever, bringing in more tourists than ever before. “The park hit capacity and was forced to close its gates for the day only a month after opening, on the day after Thanksgiving in 1971, and building could not happen fast enough to keep up with the ever increasing demand,” (“DISNEY TIMELINE”). Disney World needed new ideas to keep the guests happy and visiting again. The building of a new theme park was announced in July of 1974. Epcot would be Phase II of Disney World and it would celebrate cultures of the world and a global neighborhood (“DISNEY TIMELINE”). Epcot was a successful addition to Disney. It was a laid back park where guests could relax, learn about the world and the possibilities of the future. Epcot is an original park, filled with brilliant ideas. The theme parks represent Disney and make Walt Disney World successful. Disney is the place to visit because there is always a new attraction or place to visit. Disney will continue to change and modernize.
Disney Animations began before Walt Disney World came to be. Each animation teaches a child a helpful lesson to use throughout their life. Disney animations have been successful and they make imaginations of adults and children sore. Robin Hood was on the top charts for the year 1973 animations (“Best 1970’s Disney Movies”). Robin Hood is a classic tale that continues to be watched today. The 1977 animation The Rescuers brought $45 million worldwide in gross box...

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