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In the discovery of the ‘New World by the Europeans certainly brought a variety of different views. It brought a seemingly new and fantastic world. For some it was a gruesome place that needed salvation or cleansing and restoration. One was Christopher Columbus in his letter announcing the discovery, he was a religious man that viewed the natives as uncivilized and has no authority until he learned more about the natives’ identity and place. Montaigne believes it was wrong for the Europeans to the judge the cannibals because they don't know the reason and haven't live in the cannibals society and also do not understand their identity and choice. Both men explain about how different the New ...view middle of the document...

He describes the land being flat and low lying except for two. The other two was highlands and had mountains in which he describe them to being beautiful, walkable, and full of plants. Both islands he seen was larger than England and Scotland together Columbus explained. Columbus said “La Juana had many rivers, great mountains, large valleys, meadows, and fields. He also talked about La Española having smaller trees and a variety of plants, and the land is good for raising livestock and more things. The harbors there were better than those of the ports of Spain. Columbus took the natives him to learn of their place and language; he then taught the natives their language. Columbus became upset because they wanted to give up on him half way through the voyage. Columbus believes his success came from God. He left the New World on good terms with the people. He told the king to take more people to the New World and to spread Christianity there.
Both Montaigne and Columbus talked about how beautiful the land was describing it being very fertile. Also, Columbus said “There was never stormy weather, since in every place he have been he seen grass and trees growing into the sea.” Then both go to explain how the New World is different from theirs, from the gentle wind to the beautiful plants, fruits, and even the grasses being different. Montaigne describes the same thing in his book “On Cannibals”. He also describes the rivers and harbors being much different from the Holy lands as being abundant and excellent. All the islands Columbus visited were populated by many people who were nice and had dark skin. Both men describe the natives as healthy and rarely being ill. All the people go about naked but some women will wear a cloth to cover themselves. The natives have no weapons but only spears. Columbus talked about the natives making everything with stone tools. The natives don't have private property there and all the food and things was shared equally unlike in Europe Columbus explained. He also looks at their beliefs and he did not notice a specific religion. But one thing the natives did know was that all powers dwell in heaven. Columbus also notices that they did not have a money system and they will exchange anything.
Montaigne wrote about how it was wrong for the Europeans to judge the cannibals in his book “On Cannibals.” Montaigne believes they should judge off reason and how they conduct themselves. Also he felt as it was wrong to judge them because they do not know the reason for what they do. Another reason is that the Europeans never live in the cannibals’ society so they do not know what it is like. Montaigne talk about trying to find Atlantis because the people believe it was a part of their culture. He begins to describe Atlantis as being a special place. He describes this place in having large buildings that can hold up to three hundred people. They had wood hard enough to cut things with it, make into swords, and to cook meat with....

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