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The New Deal Reforms Essay

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The United States faced the worst economic downfall in history during the Great Depression. A domino effect devastated every aspect of the economy, unemployment rate was at an all time high, banks were declaring bankruptcy and the frustration of the general public led to the highest suicide rates America has ever encountered. In the 1930’s Franklin D Roosevelt introduced the New Deal reforms, which aimed to “reconcile democracy, individual liberty and economic planning” (Liberty 863). The New Deal reforms were effective in the short term but faced criticism as it transformed the role of government and shaped the lives of American citizens.
A competitive market makes a country stronger but without regulation it can threaten the country’s democracy. The President criticized the large corporations for “keeping prices artificially high and failing to increase workers’ purchasing power”(Liberty 863). Franklin D Roosevelt realized large corporations who gained monopolies were gaining immense influence on matter’s concerning government and the daily lives of American citizens. The first New Deal reforms were introduced, not to dismantle large industries but to control them in such a manner that they could never challenge the democratic government. Large corporations took advantage of the liberty given to them prior to the crash by exploiting the profits in payoffs or bribes. The businesses gained influence in government by funding election campaigns of tainted politicians who would in return be blinded of the corruption spread by the untouchable corporations to expand their profit margins.
A change in strategy leads to new perspective over certain matters. During FDR’s tenure many new reforms were adopted as part of the New Deal. Some of the major ones included the National Industrial Recovery Act, Agriculture Adjustment Act and the Social Security Act. These three reforms were intended to rejuvenate the crippled American economy from the disastrous Great Depression. The center of the First New Deal reforms was the National Industrial Recovery Act, which established an institution to monitor and guide large businesses on matters of “output, prices and working conditions”(Liberty 865). The government promised to have a minimal role in ensuring a free market thus it was successful in safeguarding many workers’ rights such as organizing labor unions. The act also regulated prices of certain manufactured goods to increase competition in the domestic market and set wages for workers in certain industries such as steel and textile. The main purpose of this act was to be a bridge between the employee and the employer but it did not prove efficacious. The act was labeled unconstitutional by many politicians as the federal government gained authority over the free market, which in the past was separated from the government. This act was important because it challenged the notion of liberty of laissez faire. The Presidents opponents went as far as to accuse him...

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