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The New Vw Beetle Case Study

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Case : The New Beetle

The Brand VW has always conveyed the message as an affordable car. The companies product have been looked upon as one which offered the benefits of German engineering affordably, emotionally. The cars represented completely different driving experience – more connected to the road – different way of driving – more connected to the world. Heritage of German engineering and the car's more fun, pleasurable driving experience were the powerful strengths. Affordability was one of the key factors as against most of the other German cars makers who represented only the high end of the Segment. It also focused on Drivability – Unique driving experience not just on the car's ability to get people from one point to other, faster or cheaper – a focus of several Japanese competitors. The Company also focused on more unique individualistic driving experience. The products of the company were Invitational, approachable and not exclusionary.

The appeal of the new Beetle was mainly the Retro looks with new advanced features. The car had the same classic elements and basic shapes and adding cutting edge technology and modern features. Also the car had to have the best and the latest of the German Technologies and offer superior driving performance. The shape of the car which had rounds and circles also found emotional attachment with the people as the people could correlate the same to some of the basic human shapes like Eyes, Head etc and also a complete circle represented wholesomeness, completeness etc. Further circle was preferred against square and triangle as it had no sharp edges.

The company had provided the following in the new car and the following features were kept in the car. Keeping retro looks re-engineered top of the line golf platform, the New beetle housed an engine that was now in front and water cooled, offered front and side airbags and air-conditioning n the standard package and emitted music from a six speaker sound system. Access to the 12 cubic feet of storage space in the rear hatch was hidden beneath a large VW badge on the back. It was more spacious than the concept 1 design. Drum breaks to four wheel disc brakes to ensure that in all aspects of the car. Yet the shape, although more refined and modern than its predecessor, was instantly recognizable.

Further the most appealing factor in the new Beetle was that it carried the same Retro look appealing the emotional quotient of the customers.

Q 3) Why is the positioning decision termed "mission impossible"

The positioning decision for the car was termed as ‘mission impossible' because the company marketing team had to make a decision on the following,

- Target Customers
- Pricing of the car
- Advertisement campaign for the New Beetle

The difficulties faced under each of the heads were as under,

Target Customers :-

The marketing team had the task to decide the customer segment which they wanted to target. Whether they would like...

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