The Media Being More Helpful Than Harmful To Me During My Transition From Pre School Years To Adolescence.

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The media has always been more helpful than harmful to me during my transition from pre-school years to adolescence. Some of the media that has had a positive influence on me during my childhood and into my adolescence years has been the Internet, magazines, movies, music, and television.The Internet was a major part of my early pre-teen to teen life because not only was it a way to find information but it was also a way to communicate with my family and friends. When I first got my computer I did not have the Internet, I would use the one at school, the one at the library or sometimes I would use my friend's computers. For some reason I was always fascinated about how we could find information and communicate with people with just a click of a button. When I finally got the Internet at home, I became addicted to talking to more than one of my friends at a time, going to different Website's and even playing games. I also enjoyed meeting new people. On the net I would actually have the courage to have a normal conversation with guys without being shy, freezing up and not knowing what to say; that was something that I would of never been able to do in person at the time. Through my junior high and high school years, I spent most of my time at home on the computer researching information for a paper, talking to friends and meeting new people. The bad part of talking to new people on the Internet was that sometimes they weren't the person they said they were. But also was able to communicate with my family from California and Colombia through email, talking through the microphone, and even by camera. Some of the things that I learned while growing up were not always taught by my parents, but by the information on the Internet. I learned about sex, STD's, pregnancies, and abortions.When I was about six years old, I had many children magazines such as Zoobooks, Nickelodeon, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and Highlights for Children. Zoobooks taught me how to read while using animals as teachers to guide me along the way and it also taught me about the different animals in the world. Nickelodeon was more of a cartoon book and it was for my entertainment. Sports Illustrated for Kids showed me about the different sports and even told me about some of the players and what goals they had accomplished when they were kids. Highlights for Children entertained me with crafts, puzzles, and stories.When I got into my teenage years, I started to read Cosmo Girl, YM, and Seventeen. These magazines were about boys, dating, fashion, teenage problems, pop boy bands, and especially some of the most embarrassing moments of teenage girls; such as things that would happen to them during school, dances, and even with their boyfriends. Now that I am a young adult I read Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, People Magazine, and of course we cannot forget about Star, Enquire, and Globe. Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Glamour are more about fashion, women's relationships, men's relationships,...

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