"The Media Can Be Trusted To Act Responsibly And Reflect Community Standards And Values. Where The Media Fail To Do So, The Courts Or Other Regulators Pull Them Into Line."

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The media is a very powerful tool to show public stats, information and sometimes visual images of what is happening around the world. Unfortunately this very powerful source and theoretically to work 'good', it has to be driven by people behind the media with a right frame of mind. Unfortunately again, this is not always the case which is why a set of codes and regulations have been put in place to try and monitor what comes out from the media and to the public. These codes and regulations, the SBJ and AIA/MEAA, can sadly be very easily run all over, and loop holes can be found in more than just five places. These loop holes are exercised by reporters and journalists of all sorts each day, and most of the time can not even be second looked at, even if frowned upon by some, but it fits somewhere along side the 'code' and is not illegal. It's the fact where people amongst the media can use the phrase "publics right to know" in their own dis-gression, and own terms, is when things can get a little out of hand.With the way the media is run, so many areas where information can be leaked to the public and many different organisations running their own media outlet, I believe the courts and regulators have too much work cut out for them and cannot pull media that step over the boundary, straight back into line. That is if they have not worked a way around the regulators already.Another problem is the fact the media has to be trusted and act responsible in front of such a large audience, that could be spanning country to country or just simply between different ethnic groups. Everywhere you go standards change and what people perceive as ok, changes with it. This makes it very hard for the media to always keep in line, which is a large fact to why we hear of so many cases against the media and why such codes and regulations had to be made and enforced.Money is also another driving force, get a story out there and gain some interest from your editor or superiors, and you could be a step closer to that all important pay rise. Also a cash-for-comment, where a journalist doing a story may drop product names or hype something up to gain public interest. In exchange, the people behind the product that they are hyping up will give money to the journalist, whether the information about the product or even service is true. Obviously this is illegal, and something that is very frowned upon. The famous example of this case, but in the end was not proven, was the 'Jones cash-for-comment scandal' that took place in 2004. Mr Jones on national radio would make broadcast after broadcast on how good Telstra's service record was, and would offer no opposing views. After allegations were pursued by the ABA it was found that Telstra had paid the radio station and not Jones him self, letting him off the illegal act. At the end of the day, money talks and can make journalist's, editor's or anyone of the like step across that boundary and perform illegal acts, if they think...

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