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Tomorrow When The War Began: The Value Of Solidarity With Friends And When Is It Right To Kill.

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The novel "Tomorrow when the war began" tells a story of seven teenagers and their amazing struggle to survive in a time of great crisis. The story is told through Ellie the main character and shows her hopes, fears and reactions to the war. It's a tale of great survival and this is shown through the great bond they develop and various themes like the value of solidarity with friends and when is it right to kill.Before the war they are seven ordinary teenage friends, they feel they know each other well but the bond between them becomes so great they are like a family. The first sign of a bond forming between the group is shown on page 75 " Then homer made the unpopular suggestion. I think we should split up. There was a whispered howl of protest, if you can have that. It was different to Kevin and Corrie offering to go on their own before." The group does not want to split up because they give each other strength and confidence but Homer gives reasons for them to split up. It takes a lot of strength and trust in each other to be able to split up and to place your life in the hands of your friends. Homer convinces them to split up on page 75 "Again two's better than seven. I hate to mention the fact, but five people free and two people locked up is a better equation then no people free and seven locked up."Ellie's perspective on her friends and the war changes in a big way on page 81 when Ellie steps out of the protection of the dark and shadows and into the light of the showground. "I suddenly made myself leave the darkness and go for it, in four quick light steps, a dance that surprised me, but made me feel light-headed and proud. That's it I thought. It was the dance of courage. I felt then, and still feel now that I was transformed by those four steps "The dictionaries definition of friends is (a)"a person whose company, interests, and attitudes one finds sympathetic and to whom one is not closely related"(b) "Somebody or something not hostile; an ally" Yet there friendship is greater then any dictionary could begin to describe. There friendship could fall under family, family in the dictionary is explained as group of people living under one roof then goes on to say a group comprising of a set of parents there own or adopted children. In The New penguin dictionary the sixth definition of family is a group of people united by their common convictions, e.g. religion.The group becomes a family because they have to they have to be able to lay their lives in each other's hands. Their great bond towards the end of the book is shown when Corrie is shot and she and somebody else have to walk into the hands of the enemy for help page 281 "Kevin stood. 'No,' he said. 'No. I don't give a stuff what's rational and what's logical. Corrie's my mate and I'm not just going to dump her and run."This leads on to another given theme, when is it right to kill, when is it right to kill is not the question, When is it Justified to kill is the question, it is never...

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"Tomorrow When The War Began" By John Marsden

660 words - 3 pages her friends are convincingly realistic; very human and while they are profoundly changed by what they experience, each character stays recognisable to the end. We identify with them and become just as involved in their situations and calamities as if they were our own friends.John Marsden depicts how each character matures throughout the story and how their observations of each other change under the extreme pressures experienced - Robyn whose faith is deepened, Homer the hooligan who changes into a serious and quick thinking leader, and Ellie who finds new depth in her friends."Tomorrow, When the War Began" asks the biggest questions you will ever have to answer.

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980 words - 4 pages Tomorrow, When the War Began is more hopeful, when Lord of the Flies is promoting despair, through relationships with friends and family, leadership to do with respect and sticking together, and lastly the morality of war.In Tomorrow, When the War Began, the characters show hope when thinking about their loved ones, but throughout Lord of the Flies there's only despair when it comes to wondering when they'll see civilisation again. As a result, the

"Tomorrow when the war began" by John Marsden: Courage as a Central Message in the Text

842 words - 3 pages war is over'. This was a though that drifted through Ellie's head at one stage in the battle, it shows no determination or courage. The 7 teenagers could have all gone with the thought of that and to give up straight away, but they didn't, they had the determination, they had the will to keep on going, but most of all they had the courage to do it.Bibliography:Text book: Tomorrow when the war beganwww.Sparknotes.comPersonal notes

Summary material of how John Marsden's novel 'Tomorrow When The War Began' represents the concept of change

1211 words - 5 pages CHANGEAssessment TaskTASK 1: TEXT RESPONSE:TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN written by John Marsden [novel]-TEXT RESPONSE SHEET:SUMMARY OF MATERIAL:Tomorrow, When The War Began is a war novel by John Marsden, the setting is a rural town called Wirrawee, located somewhere in rural Australia. The protagonist Ellie narrates the story; a teenager who organises a camping trip to the bush with six close friends. As they return they discover to their

"Tommorow when the war began" by John Marsden Evil is a human invention

1423 words - 6 pages human invention." (pg 243)Therefore now Ellie accepts that killing is not bad as thought. Evil has nothing to with it. Evil is simply a human invention.John Marsden portrayal of words, images and themes about evil.The writer of Tomorrow When The War Began, John Marsden, delivers techniques such as imagery and emotive language to portray evil in War. The point is proved by the many examples of ordeals and horror Ellie and her friends facedIn thew

How has the novel "Tomorrow, When The War Began", by John Marsden made you appreciate the world in which we live in?

832 words - 3 pages steps, a dance that surprised me, but made me feel a little light headed and proud. That’s it! I thought. I’ve done it! It was a dance of courage. I felt then, and I still feel now, that I was transformed by those four steps.” – Ellie (Tomorrow, When The War Began)At age sixteen, and at a very early point in the novel, Ellie transforms from a little kid into a young adult. A very important point to consider is who the characters

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Tomorrow When The War Began Essay

843 words - 3 pages read on with enthusiasm.Conclusion John Marsden's Tomorrow when the war began is a gripping work of fiction. The book dealt with various themes, issues and attitudes which we learn about throughout reading the novel, these attributes are present in our society throughout the context of the novel. We learnt that war is not only stupid but it is devastating for those who are involved especially the characters in the novel which had to deal with problems that trained army personnel would have difficulty battling with these tasks.

Tomorrow When The War Began Essay

818 words - 4 pages has changed and now she has to respond to the changes brought to the environment. She is and she has to adopt in that environment by being a leader, brave and think logically, think like a solider. Ellie is a natural leader. Besides Homer, she’s one of the most capable people in the group to act like a leader. Her friends rely on her for better ideas. She organized the group of eight people to go camping. When the war began, Ellie was mentally

"Tomorrow When The War Began" By John Marsden

652 words - 3 pages , they're alone. Their world has changed, with the speed of a slamming door.They've got no weapons - except courage.They've got no help - except themselves.They've got nothing - except friendship.How strong can you be, when the world is full of people trying to kill you?Will You Do Tomorrow?Tomorrow when the war began is full of action sequences and amazing stunts on Ellie's behalf, the following extract from pages 144 and 145, it is a good example

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762 words - 3 pages Tomorrow, When the War Began is the first of seven of the Tomorrow series. The book is about group of seven Australian teenagers against an enemy whose forces have invaded their country and imprisoned their families. One of the characters, Ellie, tells their story, which begins when they persuade their parents to allow them to take the Landrover for a campout in Hell. This is not quite what it sounds. Hell is a wild place, 'a cauldron of